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competitors, plural;
  1. An organization or country that is engaged in commercial or economic competition with others
    • - our main industrial competitors
  2. A person who takes part in an athletic contest

  1. rival: the contestant you hope to defeat; "he had respect for his rivals"; "he wanted to know what the competition was doing"
  2. Competition is a contest between individuals, groups, nations, animals, etc. for territory, a niche, or a location of resources. It arises whenever two or more parties strive for a goal which cannot be shared. ...
  3. (Competitors (novel)) Competitors (Конкуренты, Konkurenty) is a Russian science fiction novel written by Sergey Lukyanenko.
  4. A person or organization against whom one is competing; A participant in a competition, especially in athletics
  5. (Competitors) Firms vying for patronage of the same market. See Brand Competitors; Enterprise Competitors; Generic Competitors; Product-Form Competitors; Service-Form Competitors.
  6. (Competitors) All information within our website has been created by ourselves. Any copying of content such as : Text, images, HTML code, META tags, ‘Buy’ buttons, drop down boxes, model lists or site structure is prohibited. ...
  7. (Competitors) Henkel's main competitors in its cleaning division are Unilever, Procter and Gamble and Reckitt Benckiser. In its beauty division, its main competitors are Unilever, Procter and Gamble and L'Oréal. ...
  8. (Competitors) a business relationship in which two or more parties compete for customers.
  9. (competitors) Organizations that produce goods and services that are similar to a particular organization's goods and services.
  10. is any organisation that offers the same, a similar, or a substitute product or service in the field of endeavour in which a company operates.
  11. Two or more animals competing for the same food source.
  12. This person views every co-worker as a rival -- for perks, promotions, and face time with the boss. While some amount of competition improves the level of work accomplished, the competitor can take things too far, always looking to best others, sometimes to the point of sabotage and back- ...
  13. this package is for the serious wakeboarder who seeks continual improvement. With this package, you will be given three separate lessons.
  14. magazine Endurance Athlete of the Year Award winner, 2008, 2006, 2005
  15. loves to compete against anyone and everyone, men or women, simply to prove she is in charge of her own life.
  16. A player in a stroke play competition.
  17. A rival with whom one competes.
  18. something that competes with another, as in sports or business or nature; a rival
  19. Any company that satisfies the same customer needs that another firm satisfies.
  20. is a character whom the male might consider more attractive in some ways than the Lead Girl, but who has a serious drawback in her personality. The Lead Girl knew her before the