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Having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully,
  1. Having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully
    • - a highly competent surgeon
    • - make sure the firm is competent to carry out the work
  2. (of a person) Efficient and capable
    • - an infinitely competent mother of three
  3. Acceptable and satisfactory, though not outstanding
    • - she spoke quite competent French
  4. (chiefly of a court or other body) Accepted as having legal authority to deal with a particular matter
    • - the governor was not the competent authority to deal with the matter
  5. (of a criminal defendant) Able to understand the charges and to aid in defending themselves

  6. Capable of performing the normal function effectively

  1. properly or sufficiently qualified or capable or efficient; "a competent typist"
  2. adequate for the purpose; "a competent performance"
  3. (competence) the quality of being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually
  4. (Competence (biology)) In microbiology, genetics, cell biology and molecular biology, competence is the ability of a cell to take up extracellular ("naked") DNA from its environment. ...
  5. (Competence (human resources)) Competence is a standardized requirement for an individual to properly perform a specific job. It encompasses a combination of knowledge, skills and behavior utilized to improve performance. ...
  6. (Competence (law)) In American law, competence concerns the mental capacity of an individual to participate in legal proceedings. ...
  7. Having sufficient skill, knowledge, ability, or qualifications; Having jurisdiction or authority over a particular issue or question
  8. (Competence) The ability to understand.  A notary should be comfortable that all parties understand what they are signing or affirming.
  9. (Competence) Sufficient ability or fitness for ones needs. Possessing the necessary abilities to be qualified to achieve a certain goal or complete a project.
  10. (competence) demonstrated ability to apply knowledge and skills
  11. (Competence) Used as a legal term to indicate a person’s capacity to act on one’s own behalf; a person’s ability to understand information presented, to realize the consequences of acting (or not acting) on that information, and to make a choice (see Incompetence and Incapacity).
  12. (Competence) The ability to perform a defined task to a specified standard using appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes
  13. Competence can be defined as the ability to perform a particular activity to a prescribed standard. Competence is an acquired personal skill that is demonstrated in an employee's ability to provide a consistently adequate level of performance in a specific job function. ...
  14. (Competence) the ability to perform within a work-related function or occupational area to national standards expected in employment.
  15. (Competence) The integration and application of knowledge, attitudes, skills and judgement required for performance in a designated role and setting.
  16. (Competence) Well read on a particular issue or knowledge base. The understanding may be experiential as well. Note: There are degrees of competency and when talking about competency, one should articulate the level or extent to which that competency exists.
  17. (14.-COMPETENCE) In the event of controversy, the complainant shall carry through the conciliation procedure set forth in Article 135 of the General law of Insurance Institutions and in the event that the Comisio’n Nacional de Seguros y Fianzas does not appoint an arbitrator, the courts of ...
  18. (1. competence) the ability to do something well or achieve a desired result without wasted energy or effort
  19. (COMPETENCE) Consistency in everything we decide to do through training and development.
  20. (Competence) A term used to represent native speakers' knowledge of the grammar of their native language(s).
  21. (Competence) Acceptable levels of achievement.
  22. (Competence) Any project needs competent team members. However, unlike the traditional software development approaches, the agile process is much more sensitive to the team member's competence. ...
  23. (Competence) Capacity of parties to an insurance contract to understand the meanings of their action in order for the contract to be valid.
  24. (Competence) In language, the mastery of the elements (sounds, semantics, and grammar) of a language to be able to make intelligible utterances.
  25. (Competence) Innovative Affiliated agents are among the most efficient and skilled, able to expertly coordinate with lenders, escrow and title companies, all to ensure that your home purchase proceeds without any problems.