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competences, plural;
  1. The ability to do something successfully or efficiently
    • - the players displayed varying degrees of competence
  2. The scope of a person's or group's knowledge or ability
    • - the music is within the competence of an average choir
  3. A skill or ability

  4. The legal authority of a court or other body to deal with a particular matter
    • - the court's competence has been accepted
  5. The ability of a criminal defendant to stand trial, as gauged by their mental ability to understand the proceedings and to assist defense lawyers

  6. A speaker's subconscious, intuitive knowledge of the rules of their language

  7. Effective performance of the normal function

  8. An income large enough to live on, typically unearned
    • - he found himself with an ample competence and no obligations

  1. the quality of being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually
  2. (competent) properly or sufficiently qualified or capable or efficient; "a competent typist"
  3. (competent) adequate for the purpose; "a competent performance"
  4. In microbiology, genetics, cell biology and molecular biology, competence is the ability of a cell to take up extracellular ("naked") DNA from its environment. ...
  5. Competence is a standardized requirement for an individual to properly perform a specific job. It encompasses a combination of knowledge, skills and behavior utilized to improve performance. ...
  6. In American law, competence concerns the mental capacity of an individual to participate in legal proceedings. Defendants that do not possess sufficient "competence" are usually excluded from criminal prosecution, while witnesses found not to possess requisite competence cannot testify. ...
  7. The quality or state of being competent, i.e. able or suitable for a general role; The quality or state of being able or suitable for a particular task; the quality or state of being competent for a particular task; A sustainable income; In law, the legal authority to deal with a matter
  8. (competent) Having sufficient skill, knowledge, ability, or qualifications; Having jurisdiction or authority over a particular issue or question
  9. (Competences) Combination of different resources into capabilities and later competences; being something that the firm is really good at.
  10. (Competences) The outcomes of work performance in an occupational area with specified performance criteria.
  11. (Competences) areas of law where the EU has been given control by its member states.
  12. (Competent) Duly qualified; answering all requirements; having sufficient ability or authority; possessing the requisite natural or legal qualifications; able; adequate; suitable; sufficient; capable; legally fit.
  13. (1. competent) قابل ۔ مستعد ۔ سامرتھی
  14. (Competent) (Competency) — Possessing sufficient or suitable skill, knowledge or experience to achieve a specific objective.  For example: She is competent to supervise the carpet cleaning operation in our building.
  15. (Competent) A term for a buyer who is legally fit to enter into a sales contract.
  16. (Competent) Able to take up exogenous DNA and thereby be transformed.
  17. (Competent) Having the ability to act under the circumstances and make reasonable decisions therein.  To be competent to make a last will and testament, an individual must understand what a will is, what s/he generally owns, and who the relatives are who would normally inherit (e.g. ...
  18. (Competent) Having the ability to understand the nature and consequences of one's actions.
  19. (Competent) In law, having the capacity, ability or authorization to do a thing. A person who is competent to give evidence is sane and able to understand the issues and results of his or her evidence. ...
  20. (Competent) Is still able to get work done if supervisor helps.
  21. (Competent) Legally sufficient, relating primarily to evidence and witnesses in a court action, i.e., competent to stand trail.
  22. (Competent) Means a person is capable of making informed decisions in specific areas regarding the conduct of one's personal and/or financial affairs.
  23. (Competent) as defined by the Quarry Regulations 1999, in relation to a person means a person with sufficient training, experience, knowledge and other qualities to enable him to properly undertake the duties assigned to him.
  24. (competent) Broadly, this means that some particular application or procedural step is legally permissible. The term is often used in relation to the powers of a court. The Land Court depends on statute for its powers. ...
  25. (competent) bilgеn, bilimli, erkinlikli, oquwlu, tiyişli