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compartments, plural;
  1. Divide (something) into separate parts or sections
    • - the buildings are to be compartmented by fire walls
  1. A separate section or part of something, in particular

  2. A division of a railroad car marked by partitions
    • - a first-class compartment
  3. A section of a container in which certain items can be kept separate from others
    • - there's some ice cream in the freezer compartment
  4. A watertight section of a ship
    • - the aft cargo compartment
  5. An area in which something can be considered in isolation from other things
    • - religion and politics should be kept in different compartments
  6. A grassy mound or other support depicted below a shield

  1. a space into which an area is subdivided
  2. a partitioned section, chamber, or separate room within a larger enclosed area
  3. (compartmented) divided up or separated into compartments or isolated units; "a compartmented box"; "the protected and compartmented society of Beacon Hill"- John Mason Brown
  4. In chemistry, a compartment is a part of a protein that serves a specific function.
  5. Compartments can be simply defined as separate, different, adjacent cell populations, which upon juxtaposition, create a lineage boundary. This boundary prevents cell movement from cells from different lineages across this barrier, restricting them to their compartment. ...
  6. In heraldry, a compartment is a design placed under the shield, usually rocks, a grassy mount, or some sort of other landscape upon which the supporters are depicted as standing. ...
  7. (Compartment(s) ): The area within the body that a drug tends to dwell in after it has been absorbed.
  8. (Compartments) The plates forming the wall of the shell.
  9. (Compartments) main storage spaces. In larger packs, they may have their own openings and be separated by zippered panels.
  10. Forest management subdivision or block of land, usually of continuous land ownership (17).
  11. Areas bounded on at least two sides by terrain features affected by drainage and relief, such as woods, ridges, or ravines, that limit observation or observed fire into the area from points outside the area and effect avenues of approach. (See also cross-corridor. ...
  12. an interior space of a vessel's hull which is formed by bulkheads. back
  13. A space designated within the aircraft for the carriage of passengers or deadload.
  14. A theoretical division of the body with an arbitrarily assigned half time for nitrogen uptake and elimination. In designing decompression tables the body is divided into finite number of compartments for purposes of making calculations.
  15. A compartment is a set of programs and data to be partitioned or separated, where users are given explicit access to specific components of a system. Also, a compartment represents a grouping, such as a work group, department, project, or topic. ...
  16. The ground on which supporters sometimes stand.
  17. a land area that is managed as a unit because of geographic or ownership boundaries (for example, roads, streams, fencelines) and/or because of similar characteristics within the area (for example, soil types, vegetation, productivity, topography).
  18. Regions in the embryo that are formed exclusively from the descendants of a few founder cells; there is no cell movement beween compartments once delimited.
  19. a separate structural portion (e.g., of the body or of a cell). The term is also used in pharmacology to denote an area of the body where a drug is metabolized, but which may not have a discrete physical boundary.
  20. A large section in the interior of a handbag.
  21. An autonomous epidemiological entity defined on the basis of either geography (zone) or management (enterprise) for the purpose of international trade.
  22. A heraldic term for the symbolic base upon which a shield and supporters rest in a full set of armorial bearings– but compare with ‘coupeau’ and ‘mount’ (see also ‘Appendix IV’, ‘armorial bearings’, ‘shield’ and ‘coat of arms’).
  23. A part of a building, comprising one or more rooms, spaces or storeys constructed to prevent the spread of fire to, or from, another part of the same building.
  24. (1) Forestry Definition – A basic administrative unit of a managed forest. (2) Building Definition - An enclosed space with floor, walls and ceiling.
  25. space created by a physical partition within a pretreatment component.