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commissioners, plural;
  1. A person appointed by a commission to perform a specific task
    • - the traffic commissioner
  2. A person appointed as a member of a government commission
    • - the New York State Health Commissioner
  3. A person appointed to regulate a particular sport
    • - the baseball commissioner
  4. A representative of the supreme authority in an area

  1. a government administrator
  2. a member of a commission
  3. Commissioner is 1994 Malayalam film directed by Shaji Kailas and written by Ranji Panicker; starring Suresh Gopi, Ratheesh, Vijayaraghavan, Shobana, M. G. Soman, and Bheeman Raghu. The film was dubbed in Telugu as Police Commissioner. ...
  4. This is a list of the Commissioners of Nunavut, Canada, since its creation in 1999. As of 12 May 2010, the commissioner is Edna Elias.
  5. James W. "Jim" Gordon, Senior (better known as Commissioner Gordon) is a fictional character, an ally of Batman that appears in comic books published by DC Comics. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939), and was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. ...
  6. (Commissioners) Team of people who purchase (mental) health care services from providers such as AWP for the local community.
  7. (Commissioners) These are NHS bodies that buy our services on behalf of patients. Many services are paid for by individual Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), local NHS bodies. In London there is one PCT for each borough. Some more regional or specialist services are paid for by coalitions of PCTs. ...
  8. (commissioners) In the UK NHS commissioners ensure that healthcare services deliver the best standards of care and treatment to meet the needs of the population
  9. Commissioners are legally qualified persons appointed by the Bailiff under the provisions of the Royal Court (Jersey) Law 1948 to sit as judges of the Royal Court in both civil and criminal cases. They are part-time Judges and when presiding in court, they have the same powers as the Bailiff.
  10. The 11 Commissioners, including the Chairman, as established by Section 3020 of the Charter. All are appointed by the Mayor.
  11. The Scouter with overall responsibility for the operation of a council.
  12. An official named by the Governor in Council for the purpose of carrying out some official act. The Clerk, the Deputy Clerk, the Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel, the Clerk Assistant and the Sergeant-at-Arms are commissioners for the purpose of administering the oath of allegiance to Members ...
  13. A person appointed by the Governor to serve on the CaliforniaVolunteers commission on a bipartisan, non-paid, appointee basis, to work in support of CaliforniaVolunteers.
  14. A judicial officer appointed by the Governor, confirmed by the Senate with constitutional powers including the power to incarcerate. ...
  15. a court-appointed official with various responsibilities, such as appraising estates and submitting reports of estate sales to the court
  16. A Small Claims Court commissioner is an attorney hired by the court to hear Small Claims Court cases.
  17. The person officially authorised to lead the process for creating a new play space, often referred to as the client.
  18. Means the Federal Privacy Commissioner.
  19. the Commissioner of Student Discipline, Fredericton or Saint John campus
  20. This is a member of the Commission. They are appointed by the member countries and are similar to Government Ministers in that they head different Directorate Generals.
  21. means the Commissioner of the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA).
  22. A person responsible for administering the Department of Labor.
  23. The Commissioner of Maineís Administrative and Financial Services.
  24. is an individual selected to serve on the Municipal Consolidation Study Commission.
  25. A commissioner is the person (or organisation) who asks for a piece of research to be carried out.