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The activity of buying and selling, esp. on a large scale,
  1. The activity of buying and selling, esp. on a large scale
    • - the possible increase of commerce by a great railroad
  2. Social dealings between people
    • - outside the normal commerce of civilized life
  3. Sexual intercourse

  1. transactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services)
  2. Department of Commerce: the United States federal department that promotes and administers domestic and foreign trade (including management of the census and the patent office); created in 1913
  3. social exchange, especially of opinions, attitudes, etc.
  4. Commerce is a division of trade or production which deals with the exchange of goods and services from producer to final consumer OR commerce is the exchange of goods and services from the point of production to the point of consumption to satisfy human wants. ...
  5. Commerce is a suburb of Los Angeles in Los Angeles County, California, United States. The population was 12,568 at the 2000 census. ...
  6. Commerce is a 19th century gambling French card game akin to Thirty-one and perhaps ancestral to Whisk Poker and Bastard Brag. It aggregates a variety of games with the same game mechanics. ...
  7. The Commerce Metrolink Station is a Metrolink rail station in the city of Commerce, California. It is served by Metrolink's 91 Line from Los Angeles Union Station to Riverside and Metrolink's Orange County Line running from Los Angeles Union Station to Oceanside. ...
  8. Commerce is a station on line 8 of the Paris Métro in the Rue du Commerce, at the intersection with the Place du Commerce in the 15th arrondissement.
  9. The river Bolbec or Commerce is one of the rivers that flow from the plateau of the southern Pays de Caux in the Seine-Maritime département of Haute-Normandie into the Seine. The river rises at Bolbec and passes Gruchet-le-Valasse, where its name changes to the Commerce. ...
  10. The exchange or buying and selling of commodities; especially the exchange of merchandise, on a large scale, between different places or communities; extended trade or traffic; Social intercourse; the dealings of one person or class in society with another; familiarity; Sexual intercourse; A ...
  11. Commerce is the exchange of something of value between two entities. That "something" may be goods, services, information, money, or anything else the two entities consider to have value. In terms of the World Wide Web, commerce is achieved electronically, in a process called e-commerce. ...
  12. To dream that you are engaged in commerce, denotes you will handle your opportunities wisely and advantageously. To dream of failures and gloomy outlooks in commercial circles, denotes trouble and ominous threatening of failure in real business life.
  13. Currency • Trading corporation • Stock markets • Securities and Exchange Commission • Trade unions • Banking (Banks) • Investment board • Companies
  14. is a term that usually applies to domestic trade; that is, conducted within a specific nation or territory.  See also: International trade.
  15. Arabic Tijarah . Commerce and merchandise are said in the Qur'an "to be of God." Surah xvii. 68: "It is your Lord who drives the ships for you in the sea that ye may seek after plenty from Him; verily He is ever merciful to you. ...
  16. Any kind or type of exchange of goods, productions, or property, or the rights to property offered for a consideration to the general public at large.
  17. This word is a combination of two Latin words: com, meaning "together"; and merx, meaning "goods".
  18. A specialty type prefix which allows incoming calls toll-free from an area that would normally be a toll call.
  19. The large scale buying of goods and/or services.
  20. means trade, traffic, transportation, or other commerce: (1) Between a place in a State and any place outside of such State, including any foreign country, or between points within the same State but through any place outside thereof, or within any territory, possession, or the District of ...
  21. Intercourse by way of trade and traffic, including the purchase, sale, and exchange of commodities, the instrumentalities and agencies by which it is promoted and the means and appliances by which it is carried on, and the transportation of persons as well as of goods.
  22. Trade of goods on a large scale between nations or between different parts of the same country.
  23. Of the $273,173,877, the value of exports in 1907, all but $28,992,955 represented the natural products of the country. The most important commerce is with Great Britain and the United States, as is evident from the following figures. ...
  24. for purposes of protection of U.S. trademarks, any trade or business lawfully regulated by the United States.
  25. OGC own the copyright to the ITIL publications. They are a UK Government department that works with public sector Organisations to help them improve their Efficiency, gain better Value for Money from their commercial Activities, and deliver improved success from Programmes and Projects.