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commentaries, plural;
  1. The expression of opinions or explanations about an event or situation
    • - an editorial commentary
    • - narrative overlaid with commentary
  2. Opinion, either written or spoken

  3. A descriptive spoken account (esp. on radio or television) of an event or a performance as it happens

  4. A set of explanatory or critical notes on a text
    • - a commentary on the Old Testament

  1. comment: a written explanation or criticism or illustration that is added to a book or other textual material; "he wrote an extended comment on the proposal"
  2. Commentary is a monthly American magazine on politics, Judaism, social and cultural issues. It was founded by the American Jewish Committee in 1945. ...
  3. In philology, a commentary is a line-by-line or even word-by-word explication usually attached to an edition of a text in the same or an accompanying volume. ...
  4. A series of comments or annotations; especially, a book of explanations or expositions on the whole or a part of some other work; A brief account of transactions or events written hastily, as if for a memorandum; -- usually in the plural; as, Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic War
  5. (COMMENTARIES) [Komentarii] – refers to the displacement of interest in the process of making an “obejct” – a novel, painting, or a poem – to reflexion and creation of the discursive spheres around the object, to an interest in revealing the object's context. ...
  6. (4. Commentaries) I have separate tabs for the commentaries in Accordance. I don’t want to see them too early in my study, so I don’t keep them visible. I try not to just copy and paste. I read, and then try to put whatever interested me (or answered a question) into my own words.
  7. (Commentaries) Services and Programs Supporting Young Children's Language Development: Comments on Girolametto, and Thiemann and Warren
  8. A V.O. objective opinion or description of characters or events either occurring in the film or to fill in information without wasting a great deal of film time.
  9. After a select committee has examined a Bill, it will report back to the House of Representatives. Its report usually includes a new version of the Bill (the "as reported" version) showing the select committee’s proposed amendments, and a commentary. ...
  10. The EuroPriSe Commentary provides explanations on the » requirements and » criteria listed in the EuroPriSe » Catalogue. It provides guidance to » experts on how to use and interpret the criteria. ...
  11. A supporting document which outlines the development history of a controlled document and/or contains proprietary or other information intended for use only by Transpower.
  12. Any analysis or plain English version of a legal issue, case or legislation eg. journal articles, textbooks
  13. Script used to describe clothes for a fashion show
  14. SG Warrants Daily | SG Warrants Recommendations | Articles Archive |
  15. combines the work of analysis and explication with emphasis on effect and meaning
  16. A broad term for a book or other writing that discusses biblical text, chapter by chapter and verse by verse.
  17. In Biblical Studies, a work that provides a series of explanations or interpretations of a particular Bible text with supporting arguments.  Commentaries vary in terms of their level of thoroughness; some provide an overview, while others are quite technical in coverage. ...
  18. A description at a runway show that explains about the garment that the model is wearing.
  19. Reflections on a revolution against a bloody dictator.
  20. An emcee describes the clothing as a model walks the runway or showroom.
  21. Descriptive talk accompanying a television or motion picture feature.
  22. A quick closing statement, usually referring to the relative price/standard/usefulness of the item.
  23. A treatise in annotation or explanation, as of the Scriptures
  24. Scholia which are systematically developed in order to elucidate continuously the entire text, rather than random notes, is considered a commentary. The commentary is written in the margins and sometimes interspersed between sections of Scripture. (See Scholium)
  25. n. A multivolume explanation of the meaning of a book, chapter, or (occasionally) single verse, such as Ecclesiastes 6:11.