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commanding, present participle; commanded, past participle; commanded, past tense; commands, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Give an authoritative order
    • - a gruff voice commanded us to enter
    • - “Stop arguing!” he commanded
    • - he commanded that work should cease
    • - my mother commands my presence
  2. Give orders
    • - she commands and we obey
  3. Have authority
    • - someone born to command
  4. Have authority over; be in charge of (a unit)
    • - he commanded a battalion at Normandy
  5. Dominate (a strategic position) from a superior height
    • - the two castles commanded the harbor
  6. Control or restrain (oneself or one's feelings)
    • - he commanded himself with an effort
  7. Be in a strong enough position to secure
    • - no party commanded a majority
  8. Deserve and receive
    • - a moral force that commanded respect
  1. An authoritative order
    • - it's unlikely they'll obey your commands
  2. An instruction or signal that causes a computer to perform one of its basic functions

  3. Authority, esp. over armed forces
    • - an officer took command
    • - who's in command?
    • - we will have nearly thirty thousand people under our command
  4. The ability to use or control something
    • - he had a brilliant command of English
  5. A group of officers exercising control over a particular group or operation

  6. A body of troops or a district under the control of a particular officer

  1. an authoritative direction or instruction to do something
  2. be in command of; "The general commanded a huge army"
  3. a military unit or region under the control of a single officer
  4. make someone do something
  5. demand as one's due; "This speaker commands a high fee"; "The author commands a fair hearing from his readers"
  6. availability for use; "the materials at the command of the potters grew"
  7. Command is the fourth studio album by the English electronic group Client. It was released on 6 March 2009 by Out of Line Music.
  8. In computing, a command is a directive to a computer program acting as an interpreter of some kind, in order to perform a specific task. Most commonly a command is a directive to some kind of command line interface, such as a shell.
  9. A command in military terminology is an organisational unit that the individual in Military command has responsibility for. A Commander will normally be specifically appointed into the role in order to provide a legal framework for the authority bestowed. ...
  10. The Command teaching style is the closest approximation to the traditional system of education under the progressive teaching technology, Student-Directed Teaching.
  11. The Fifty State Initiative, often referred to as simply The Initiative, is a fictional governmental plan that appears in the Marvel Comics universe. Its purpose is to provide a superhero team in every state of the United States after the conclusion of Civil War.
  12. Commander is a naval rank which is also sometimes used as a military title depending on the individual customs of a given military service. Commander is also used as a rank or title in some organizations outside of the armed forces, particularly in police and law enforcement.
  13. An order, a compelling task given to an inferior or a machine; The right or authority to order, control or dispose of; the right to be obeyed or to compel obedience; power of control, direction or disposal; mastery; A position of chief authority; a position involving the right or power to order ...
  14. (commander) One who exercises control and direction of a military or naval organization; A naval officer whose rank is above that of a lieutenant commander and below that of captain; One who exercises control and direction over a group of persons; A designation or rank in certain non-military ...
  15. (commanding) tending to give commands, authoritarian; impressively dominant
  16. (Commanded) Controls given to a device, not that the device necessarily obeyed the controls
  17. a ‘commanded᾿ party was one selected for a particular task or post.
  18. (COMMANDER) This crewmember has ultimate responsibility for the safety of embarked personnel and has authority throughout the flight to deviate from the flight plan, procedures, and personnel assignments as necessary to preserve crew safety or vehicle integrity. ...
  19. (Commander) A crew member operating the command chair, at one time, those specialized in the Commander skillset. The commander pilots the ship and operates additional modules including aetherholds and their associated scoops, and anchor modules.
  20. (Commander) Requirement - 120000 score
  21. (Commander) The person who you joined under
  22. (Commander) The rank of commander evolved in smaller types of early warships. In the larger warships of the sixteenth century, the captain would have a master as his chief navigator, while he commanded the firing of the guns, but in smaller ships the two offices were combined, as "master and ...
  23. (The Commander) My long-suffering octogenarian mother (or is it me who’s long-suffering?). Champion grammar corrector. If you feel the urge to say something like “I ain’t got none” make sure that you get yourself over to the schoolyard or some other place where you are out of earshot.
  24. (commander) an officer of any rank who is in charge of a group of soldiers or a particular military activity
  25. (commander) nav. the master of a ship