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comas, plural;
  1. A diffuse cloud of gas and dust surrounding the nucleus of a comet

  2. Aberration that causes the image of an off-axis point to be flared like a comet

  1. a state of deep and often prolonged unconsciousness; usually the result of disease or injury
  2. (botany) a usually terminal tuft of bracts (as in the pineapple) or tuft of hairs (especially on certain seeds)
  3. (astronomy) the luminous cloud of particles surrounding the frozen nucleus of a comet; forms as the comet approaches the sun and is warmed
  4. In medicine, a coma (from the Greek koma, meaning deep sleep) is a profound state of unconsciousness. ...
  5. Coma is a Polish rock band which was founded in June 1998 in Łódź. Their first achievement was a single Skaczemy / Pasażer. In the end of 2003 they signed with BMG Poland what allowed them to record their first album Pierwsze wyjście z mroku (First emergence from darkness). ...
  6. Coma is a 1978 suspense film based on the novel of the same name by Robin Cook. The film rights were acquired by director Michael Crichton, and the movie was produced by Martin Erlichmann for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. ...
  7. Coma is Robin Cook's first published novel, written in 1977. The book was a New York Times best seller and was also voted as the number one thriller of the year by the New York Times.
  8. In optics (especially telescopes), the coma (aka comatic aberration) in an optical system refers to aberration inherent to certain optical designs or due to imperfection in the lens or other components which results in off-axis point sources such as stars appearing distorted. ...
  9. "Coma" is the third single by Australian ambient house band Pendulum. The single was released in July 1997 and peaked at #46 on the ARIA Singles Chart spending just 2 weeks on the Chart. It was later included on the album 3 Knocks and Triple J Hottest 100, 1997, where it ranked #32. ...
  10. A state of sleep from which one may not wake up, usually induced by some form of trauma
  11. The state of unconsciousness in which patients lie unresponsive with the eyes closed.
  12. a sleep-like state in which a person is not conscious. May be caused by hyperglycemia (high blood glucose) or hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) in people with diabetes.
  13. A condition in which a patient is in a state of deep sleep and cannot be awakened. A coma may be caused by many things, including trauma, drugs, toxins, or certain diseases.
  14. lens aberration producing asymmetrical distortion of points in the image.
  15. A coma is a period of unconsciousness which may occur following a traumatic brain injury.
  16. Spherical aberration of oblique pencils of light, so named because of the comet shaped image of a point formed by a lens exhibiting coma.
  17. Committee on Medical Aspects of Nutrition (abolished 2000)
  18. A state of profound unconsciousness in which a person cannot open eyes, obey commands or speak words that can be understood.
  19. a state of profound unconsciousness caused by disease, injury, or poison.
  20. An area of dust or gas surrounding the nucleus of a comet.
  21. A state of unconsciousness. In diabetes, it may result from a variety of causes including severe hypoglycemia or diabetic ketoacidosis.
  22. a bright shell of gas and dust that is given off by a comet's nucleus as it heats up under sunlight and that hides the nucleus from view
  23. A comet's atmosphere (composed of dust and/or various gases) surrounding its nucleus. The coma is rather tenuous (except very close to the nucleus), and stars can be occasionally easily seen through it, shining from behind. ...
  24. A higher-order aberration that makes items appear to have a comet-shaped "tail," creating blurring in your vision.
  25. the image of a point source of light cannot be brought into focus, but has instead a comet shape,