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colours, 3rd person singular present; colors, 3rd person singular present; coloring, present participle; colored, past tense; coloured, past tense; colouring, present participle; coloured, past participle; colored, past participle;
  1. Change the color of (something) by painting or dyeing it with crayons, paints, or dyes

  2. Take on a different color
    • - the foliage will not color well if the soil is too rich
  3. Use crayons to fill (a particular shape or outline) with color
    • - color the head, eyes, and bill with crayons
  4. Make vivid or picturesque
    • - he has colored the dance with gestures from cabaret and vaudeville
  5. (of a person or their skin) Show embarrassment or shame by becoming red; blush
    • - everyone stared at him, and he colored slightly
  6. Cause (a person or their skin) to change in color
    • - rage colored his pale complexion
  7. (of a particular color) Imbue (a person's skin)
    • - a faint pink flush colored her cheeks
  8. (of an emotion) Imbue (a person's voice) with a particular tone
    • - surprise colored her voice
  9. Influence, esp. in a negative way; distort
    • - the experiences had colored her whole existence
  10. Misrepresent by distortion or exaggeration
    • - witnesses might color evidence to make a story saleable

  1. coloring: a digestible substance used to give color to food; "food color made from vegetable dyes"
  2. color: a visual attribute of things that results from the light they emit or transmit or reflect; "a white color is made up of many different wavelengths of light"
  3. coloring: the act or process of changing the color of something
  4. Alternative spelling of coloring; Alternative spelling of coloring
  5. The head is dark brown above and white below with emerald-green eyes and a yellow throat. Males are either a leafy-green colour with a light green belly or bright green or yellow with black-edged scales.
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