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colloquiums, plural; colloquia, plural;
  1. An academic conference or seminar

  1. an academic meeting or seminar usually led by a different lecturer and on a different topic at each meeting
  2. Colloquium is a UK Internet service provider based in Glasgow, Scotland, established in 1994
  3. is an informal academic Conference or group discussion.  See also: Seminar, Symposium, Workshop.
  4. i: n.   talk, conversation (in written form); conference, discussion. This is VRoma's term for a “discussion board,” set up so that members can post email messsages in order to conduct discussions on various topics.
  5. The Colloquium is a general Wikiversity community discussion page.
  6. Meets monthly in the afternoon or early evening over the course of an academic year. Focuses directly on participants’ pre-circulated works-in-progress. Director sets expansive topics and frames discussion with core readings.
  7. An interactive discussion on a topic or issue in sports medicine and exercise science. Colloquiums are informal presentations that give the attendees a chance to "meet the expert".
  8. A conversation or dialogue between people is one of the Foundational Ignatian insights . An expression of this would be the ‘Colloquium on the Ministry of Teaching’ where teachers spend a number of days together exploring teaching as a ministry.
  9. An academic discussion focussed on a specific area of study.
  10. An institutional method to ask around how to beautify the trash you have created.
  11. A gathering for serious thought, not just for fun.
  12. Similar to the AG, this AMC-organized annual event emphasizes serious thought and discussion in a singular subject or theme. This event was created in response to requests for Mensa gatherings with more intellectual content.
  13. Public group meeting format designed to inform an audience through the use of planned questions that produce unprepared responses from a panel of experts.