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collisions, plural;
  1. An instance of one moving object or person striking violently against another
    • - a midair collision between two aircraft
    • - the device increases the chances of collision
  2. An instance of conflict between opposing ideas, interests, or factions
    • - a collision between experience and theory
    • - cultures in collision
  3. An event of two or more records being assigned the same location in memory

  4. An instance of simultaneous transmission by more than one node of a network

  1. (physics) a brief event in which two or more bodies come together; "the collision of the particles resulted in an exchange of energy and a change of direction"
  2. an accident resulting from violent impact of a moving object; "three passengers were killed in the collision"; "the collision of the two ships resulted in a serious oil spill"
  3. a conflict of opposed ideas or attitudes or goals; "a collision of interests"
  4. (collide) clash: be incompatible; be or come into conflict; "These colors clash"
  5. cause to collide; "The physicists collided the particles"
  6. (collide) crash together with violent impact; "The cars collided"; "Two meteors clashed"
  7. A collision is an isolated event in which two or more bodies (colliding bodies) exert relatively strong forces on each other for a relatively short time. The acceleration can be very large during a short time.
  8. In computer science, a collision or clash is a situation that occurs when two distinct pieces of data have the same hash value, checksum, fingerprint, or cryptographic digest.
  9. The following is a list of episodes from the USA Network original series The Dead Zone. The series debuted on June 16, 2002.
  10. Collision is a documentary film released on October 27, 2009 featuring a debate between prominent atheist Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson, Presbyterian pastor of Christ Church Moscow. ...
  11. "Collision" is the fourth episode of the of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes. It was originally titled "Come Together".
  12. "Collision" is the 33rd episode of Lost. It is the eighth episode of the second season. The episode was directed by Stephen Williams, and written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Leonard Dick. It first aired on November 23, 2005 on ABC. ...
  13. An instance of colliding
  14. (Collisions) When a train or rolling stock strikes another train, rolling stock, obstruction, person or other object or is struck by another object.
  15. (collide) When two or more particles briefly come into contact with each other.
  16. (Collided) A comment used by the chartwriter to designate major contact between two or more dogs during a race.
  17. Physical impact between two or more ships or vessels used for navigation. In collision liability insurance, the term does not include contact of the insured vessel with anything other than a ship or vessel.
  18. A vehicle or a ship collides when it strikes another object or another vehicle or ship. Collision insurance insures against loss so caused.
  19. A term to denote an event in which two or more data communication sources compete for attention at the same time and cause a clash of data, inseparable without some means of anti-collision or contention management.
  20. The result of having two or more simultaneous transmissions on a common signal channel such as half-duplex Ethernet or shared Ethernet.
  21. When electrical signals from two or more devices sharing a common data transfer medium crash into one another. This commonly happens on Ethernet type systems.
  22. occurs when several network users communicate at the same time and interfere (collide) with one another
  23. To dream of a collision, you will meet with an accident of a serious type and disappointments in business. For a young woman to see a collision, denotes she will be unable to decide between lovers, and will be the cause of wrangles.
  24. The situation that occurs when two or more devices attempt to send a signal along the same channel at the same time. The result of a collision is generally a garbled message. ...
  25. In automobile insurance this term means contact of the vehicle with another object. However, several types of vehicle/object contacts, such as contact with a bird or animal, are deemed not to be collision in the personal auto policy. These events arc covered by the other than collision provisions.