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collides, 3rd person singular present; collided, past participle; colliding, present participle; collided, past tense;
  1. Hit with force when moving
    • - she collided with someone
    • - two suburban trains collided
  2. Come into conflict or opposition
    • - in his work, politics and metaphysics collide

  1. clash: be incompatible; be or come into conflict; "These colors clash"
  2. cause to collide; "The physicists collided the particles"
  3. crash together with violent impact; "The cars collided"; "Two meteors clashed"
  4. (collision) (physics) a brief event in which two or more bodies come together; "the collision of the particles resulted in an exchange of energy and a change of direction"
  5. (collision) a conflict of opposed ideas or attitudes or goals; "a collision of interests"
  6. Collide is a music duo founded in 1992, in Los Angeles, California, USA, that has incorporated elements of trip hop, darkwave, techno and music from the Middle East into their sound. Their imagery is said to be a wicked and neo-dark version of Scheherazade Arabian Nights tales.
  7. "Collide" is the second single from singer/songwriter Howie Day's second full-length album, Stop All the World Now, released in 2004. ...
  8. "Collide" is the first single Retrieved 2009-10-02. from Krystal Meyers second studio album Dying for a Heart. In the USA, it was released to Christian rock radios in June 2006, and released to Christian CHR radio stations in August. ...
  9. Collide is the sixth full-length album from Christian rock band Skillet. It was originally released on November 18, 2003 under Ardent Records. The album was re-released through Lava Records on May 25, 2004 with the bonus track "Open Wounds". ...
  10. Collide is the Third studio album by the Milwaukee-based rock band The Gufs.
  11. A collision is an isolated event in which two or more bodies (colliding bodies) exert relatively strong forces on each other for a relatively short time. The acceleration can be very large during a short time.
  12. (collision) An instance of colliding
  13. (Collided) A comment used by the chartwriter to designate major contact between two or more dogs during a race.
  14. (Collision) A type of physical damage insurance that covers loss due to the insured object striking another object. Collision may also include upset of the insured object.
  15. (Collision) This part of auto insurance covers your vehicle in the case of an accident with another car or object.
  16. (Collision) Physical contact of an automobile with another inanimate object resulting in damage to the insured car.
  17. (Collision) Overlapping transmissions that occur when two or more nodes on a LAN attempt to transmit at or about the same time.
  18. (Collision) The situation that occurs when two or more devices attempt to send a signal along the same channel at the same time. The result of a collision is generally a garbled message. ...
  19. (collision) Two values x and y form a collision of a (supposedly) one-way function F if x ¹ y but F(x) = F(y).
  20. (Collision) Coverage for repairs to your vehicle if damaged in an accident.
  21. (Collision) the result of two devices trying to use a shared transmission medium simultaneously. The interference ruins both signals, requiring both devices to retransmit the data lost due to the collision.
  22. (collision) when two values to be stored in a hash table have the same hash value.
  23. (Collision) The result of having two or more simultaneous transmissions on a common signal channel such as half-duplex Ethernet or shared Ethernet.
  24. (Collision) A term to denote an event in which two or more data communication sources compete for attention at the same time and cause a clash of data, inseparable without some means of anti-collision or contention management.
  25. (Collision) The result of two network nodes transmitting on the same channel at the same time. The transmitted data is not usable.