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collars, plural;
  1. Put a collar on
    • - biologists who were collaring polar bears
  2. Seize, grasp, or apprehend (someone)
    • - police collared the culprit
  3. Approach aggressively and talk to (someone who wishes to leave)
    • - he collared a departing guest for some last words
  1. A band of material around the neck of a shirt, dress, coat, or jacket, either upright or turned over and generally an integral part of the garment
    • - we turned our collars up against the chill
  2. A band of leather or other material put around the neck of a domestic animal, esp. a dog or cat

  3. A colored marking resembling a collar around the neck of a bird or other animal

  4. A heavy rounded part of the harness worn by a draft animal, which rests at the base of its neck on the shoulders

  5. A restraining or connecting band, ring, or pipe in machinery

  6. A piece of meat rolled up and tied

  7. A cut of bacon taken from the neck of a pig

  8. The part of a plant where the stem joins the roots

  1. a band that fits around the neck and is usually folded over
  2. take into custody; "the police nabbed the suspected criminals"
  3. (zoology) an encircling band or marking around the neck of any animal
  4. seize by the neck or collar
  5. anything worn or placed about the neck; "the thief was forced to wear a heavy wooden collar"; "a collar of flowers was placed about the neck of the winning horse"
  6. furnish with a collar; "collar the dog"
  7. An animal collar is a device that attached to the neck of an animal to allow it to be harnessed, tied up or for various other reasons.
  8. In a BDSM context, a collar is a device of any material placed around the neck of the submissive partner. It is also a term used to show ownership of one partner by another. A person wearing a collar to symbolize their relationship with another is said to be collared. ...
  9. In finance a collar is an option strategy that limits the range of possible positive or negative returns on an underlying to a specific range.
  10. In jewelry, a collar is an ornament for the neck.
  11. A Collar is an ornate chain, often made of gold and enamel, and set with precious stones, which is worn about the neck as a symbol of membership in various chivalric orders. ...
  12. The Collar: Stories of Irish Priests is a 1993 compilation of Frank O'Connor's celebrated stories about Irish clergymen.
  13. (COLLARS) Options which have the same payoff as the standard call expect that the upside is not unlimited but is subject to a maximum. The option buyer forgoes any payoff above this maximum.
  14. (Collars (Pipe Collars)) A one-piece prefabricated device consisting of intumescent strips and a restricting metal collar. Used on plastic pipes to direct the intumescent expansion.
  15. (Collars) A combination of Cap and Floor agreements that effectively places both an upper and lower limit on price or rate.
  16. (Collars) Horizontal timbers supported by the props to hold up the ceiling and prevent loose hock from falling.
  17. (collars) any sleeve that prevents plates from slipping off the end of the bar.
  18. Pre-formed flange placed over a vent pipe to seal the roof around the vent pipe opening. Also called a vent sleeve.
  19. The shoulder on the shank of a rim, mortice or bitted key, controlling the point at which the key comes to rest after being fully inserted into the lock. The collar is the datum point from which the key is measured.
  20. A protective strategy in which a written call and a long put are taken against a previously owned long stock position. The options may have the same strike price or different strike prices and the expiration months may or may not be the same. ...
  21. In roofing, a conical metal cap flashing used in conjunction with vent pipes or stacks usually located several inches above the plane of the roof for the purpose of shedding water away from the base of the vent.
  22. Material located around the top of the heel for added comfort and support.
  23. This strategy involves the purchase of stock and the sale of a call against that stock (covered call), while purchasing a put option on the same stock (protective put). Also known as a "fence" or "cylinder". Use primarily to protect an existing stock position.
  24. A ring that is used to hold the cane glass into place on a working piece.
  25. A strategy using options that is designed to protect the seller who receives publicly traded stock in a transaction from price fluctuations in the stock.