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coaxing, present participle; coaxed, past tense; coaxed, past participle; coaxes, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Coaxial
    • - coax connectors
  1. Persuade (someone) gradually or by flattery to do something
    • - the trainees were coaxed into doing hard, boring work
    • - “Come on now,” I coaxed
  2. Use such persuasion to obtain something from
    • - we coaxed money out of my father
    • - coaxing more speed from the car
  3. Manipulate (something) carefully into a particular shape or position
    • - her lovely hair had been coaxed into ringlets
  1. Coaxial cable

  1. coaxial cable: a transmission line for high-frequency signals
  2. wheedle: influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering; "He palavered her into going along"
  3. Coaxial cable, or coax, is an electrical cable with an inner conductor surrounded by a flexible, tubular insulating layer, surrounded by a tubular conducting shield. The term coaxial comes from the inner conductor and the outer shield sharing the same geometric axis. ...
  4. Shortened form of coaxial cable; to fondle, kid, pet, tease; To wheedle, persuade (a person, organisation, animal etc.) gradually or by use of flattery to do something; To manipulate carefully into a particular situation or position
  5. cylindrical cable used for radio signals, often used to connect antenna to receiver
  6. ( coaxial cable) - A type of wire that consists of a center wire surrounded by insulation and then a grounded shield of braided wire. The shield minimizes electrical and radio frequency interference. 50-ohm and 72 ohm characteristic impedances are typical.
  7. Pronounced 'coe-axe', You'll find a coaxial cable in the audio/video world - this is a piece of cable with a single shielded core, terminated in a co-ax plug (pictured) or socket. The most common use of coax cable is to feed from a TV aerial into a TV or set-top box RF (aerial) input
  8. a special kind of cabling using a center conductor surrounded by a shield of braided wire. Coax is used to prevent interference to the transmit or receive signal.
  9. a type of cable that uses a central conductor, insulation, outer conductor/shield and jacket, used for high frequency communications like CCTV or CATV.
  10. (ko-ax) shortened form of coaxial, having a common or coincident axis, as a multiplex cable (MUX) or a machinegun (MG) slaved to a MAIN-GUN.
  11. Short for coaxial. Single—conductor cables with braided shields. Used in the 80's for data transmission. Now generally replaced with UTP for data. Still used for video.
  12. Short for Coaxial cable - a type of 75 ohm cable most commonly used for Cable TV connections and with some antenna systems for FM radio and Television. Also used to connect CD or DVD transports to DACs. ...
  13. Coaxial cable, an electrical conductor which carries radio energy from a transmitter to an antenna system; the inner conductor is insulated from an external wire mesh shield
  14. Coaxial cable with a copper screen carrying unbalanced signals .
  15. Coaxial cable, a cable consisting of one conductor, usually a small copper wire within, and insulated from, another conductor of larger diameter, usually a copper tubing or copper braid.
  16. Coaxial cable, used for carrying signals at frequencies from video baseband up to IF.
  17. (co-ax, short for coaxial cable)--a type of cabling with a conductor inside a braided-wire shield, arranged co-axially rather than side-by-side as in twisted-pair cabling such as 10BASE-T. Coax or Thin-net is more expensive to install and is being phased out.
  18. Short for coaxial, a type of cable where one conductor is surrounded by another in the form of a mesh. Also used to refer to a method of transmitting raw audio data from a playback device to a decoder.
  19. Coaxial cable, having a central wire core enclosed in a plastic insulating 'dielectric' tube and surrounded by a woven metal wire and/or foil shield layer.
  20. Its superior shielding allows it to span greater distances than UTPs. It consists of stiff copper wire surrounded by insulation., which is encased in a conducting mesh, which is covered by a plastic sheath. It has a high transmission speed combined with immunity to noise. ...
  21. The tradional cable type used for TV distribution.  Its characteristics mean its not suited to IPTV but a good choice for a no frills TV service.
  22. Information technology professionals often pronounce this as "co-ax", short for "coaxial cable", instead of as the English word "coax".
  23. the coaxially mounted M-73 7.62mm machine gun
  24. Intermediate step in performing an operation too severe to accomplish in one step. To slightly change to allow entering of one part into another.
  25. Short for “Coaxial Cable,” coax is an insulated, two-conductor cable that has a center wire sheathed in dialectric material that is itself sheathed in braided wire. Coax is typically used as feedline between a radio and an antenna.