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clouts, plural;
  1. Hit hard with the hand or a hard object
    • - I clouted him on the head
  2. Mend with a patch

  1. A heavy blow with the hand or a hard object
    • - a clout on the ear
  2. Influence or power, esp. in politics or business
    • - I knew he carried a lot of clout
  3. A piece of cloth or clothing, esp. one used as a patch

  4. A target used in long-distance shooting, placed flat on the ground with a flag marking its center

  5. A shot that hits such a target

  1. a target used in archery
  2. strike hard, especially with the fist; "He clouted his attacker"
  3. pull: special advantage or influence; "the chairman's nephew has a lot of pull"
  4. clout nail: a short nail with a flat head; used to attach sheet metal to wood
  5. punch: (boxing) a blow with the fist; "I gave him a clout on his nose"
  6. Clout were originally a five-piece, South African million-selling all-girl rock group formed in 1977, best known for their song, "Substitute".
  7. Clout is a talk radio program in the United States, which began on the Air America Radio Network, and is now airing on WCPT, a progressive talk radio station in Chicago.
  8. (Clouts) Clout is a form of archery in which archers shoot arrows at a flag (known as "the Clout") from a relatively long distance and score points depending on how close each arrow lands to the flag.
  9. Influence or effectiveness, especially political; A blow with the hand; A home run; The center of the butt at which archers shoot; probably once a piece of white cloth or a nail head; A swaddling cloth; A cloth; a piece of cloth or leather; a patch; a rag; An iron plate on an axletree or ...
  10. A form of target shooting in which an arrow is shot into the air at a 15 metre diameter target on the ground at distances of up to 180 metres.
  11. Referred to today as a diaper, in the 18th century the clout was made of linen diaper fabric and was either pinned with straight pins or tied with tapes.
  12. (n): (1) cloth. FS (4-R&J, Lear, Hamlet, A&C); Golding Ovid; Lyly Campaspe, Gallathea, Sapho, Bombie, Endymion; Greene Orl Fur, James IV; Nashe Summers.
  13. A white cloth placed on the ground as a marker for long distance shooting.
  14. A brightly coloured flag placed near to the ground and used as a target, the distance usually being 180 yards for Gentlemen and 140 yards for Women.
  15. an open-handed blow which, unlike a clip, lands heavily: e.g., Dad gave him a clout on the ear for his insolence.
  16. (1) A metal sheathing or protection plate on a moving wood member to protect it from wear. (2) A type of nail.
  17. To hit; also used as a term of influence ("He has a lot of clout")
  18. (1225): To patch or mend. It could also mean the piece of cloth used to make the patch. The term ‘clout shoot’ first appears in 1584.
  19. Shoplifter (1930s) (e-mail)