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clarinets, plural;
  1. A woodwind instrument with a single-reed mouthpiece, a cylindrical tube of dark wood with a flared end, and holes stopped by keys. The most common forms are tuned in B flat, A, and E flat

  2. An organ stop with a tone resembling that of a clarinet

  1. a single-reed instrument with a straight tube
  2. (clarinetist) a musician who plays the clarinet
  3. The clarinet is a musical instrument that is a part of the woodwind family. The name derives from adding the suffix -et (meaning little) to the Italian word clarino (meaning a type of trumpet), as the first clarinets had a strident tone similar to that of a trumpet. ...
  4. Brad Templeton (born near Toronto on April 20, 1960), son of Charles Templeton and Sylvia Murphy, is a software architect, civil rights advocate and entrepreneur. He graduated from the University of Waterloo.
  5. a woodwind musical instrument that has a distinctive liquid tone whose characteristics vary among its three registers: chalumeau (low), clarion (medium), and altissimo (high)
  6. (Clarinets) Johannes Gmeinder | Jens Bischof | Diemut Schneider-Tetzlaff | Martina Beck | Matthias Höfer
  7. Licorice Stick or Gob Stick
  8. A family of woodwind instruments with a straight bore in which sound is produced by a vibrating reed. The term usually refers to the soprano clarinet, but the bass clarinet is also not uncommon in jazz.
  9. A family of woodwind instruments using a single reed and is tubular shaped. Developed in 1690 by J.C. Demer, of the famous instrument maker of Nuremberg, after adding two more keys to the popular chalumeau. ...
  10. Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Buster Bailey
  11. Back Row Of The Orchestra: Clara Nett ^JG
  12. Popular single reed licorice-colored woodwind (now usually made of plastic) currently made in an amazing number of sizes including Ab piccolo, Eb, Bb, Ab, F alto (basset horn), Eb alto, bass, contra bass, octo-contrabass. ...
  13. name used on your second daughter if you've already used Betty Jo.
  14. A device which, when used properly, will cause the user's shoulders to point towards the end-zone.
  15. To dream of a clarinet, foretells that you will indulge in frivolity beneath your usual dignity. If it is broken, you will incur the displeasure of a close friend.
  16. An imitative reed stop. Usually constructed with half-length resonators, it is a successful imitation of its orchestral model. In the German Romantic tradition it was made as a free reed.
  17. A commercial news service that provides tailored news reports via the Internet. You can access ClariNet news within Usenet newsgroups. There is a whole series of them, dedicated to a wide range of broad topics. In general, you can find them on news servers at clari.*.
  18. is a dark plastic or wooden instrument with a beak-like mouthpiece and a flared-out bell. It can produce high pitches and low pitches.
  19. (in  clarinet (musical instrument))
  20. with the the Shanghai Quartet and the Xlnt Sinfonietta.