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cinders, plural;
  1. A small piece of partly burned coal or wood that has stopped giving off flames but still has combustible matter in it

  1. a fragment of incombustible matter left after a wood or coal or charcoal fire
  2. A cinder is a pyroclastic material. Cinders are extrusive igneous rocks. Cinders are similar to pumice, which has so many cavities and is such low-density that it can float on water. The colour of cinder is brown.
  3. Cinder is the seventh major album by Australian trio, Dirty Three. Conceived in the summer of 2005 on Phillip Island, in South Eastern Australia, the songs are shorter, more trimmed down and classic in composition than usual Dirty Three output.
  4. Cinder is an alternative rock band, formed in 1999 when singer Roger Young and lead guitarist Kenny Craig began playing bars and clubs around the Southern Florida coastline and writing songs for album Soapy Tuna. ...
  5. (Cinders (film)) Cinders is a 1920 short film directed by Edward Laemmle and featuring Hoot Gibson.
  6. Partially or mostly burnt material that results from incomplete combustion of coal or wood etc; An ember; Slag from a metal furnace; to reduce something to cinders
  7. (CINDERS) This running track which is composed of fine rock, carbon, ash, and slag is indicative of the pre-synthetic era.
  8. (Cinders) Small fragments of lava that are about 1/2 inch (1cm) across.
  9. (cinders) Loose, vesicular volcanic ejecta 4 to 32 millimeters (.16 to 1.28 inches) in diameter.
  10. a small piece of material thrown from a volcano during an eruption.
  11. Fragment of lava or rock about 1 cm (fraction of an inch) in diameter.
  12. A cooled blob of lava that can be the size of a pea, a gumball, or a small potato.  Cinders are usually red or reddish-brown with lots of vesicles (holes from bubbles) in them.  Cinder is another name for scoria.
  13. One of the many trade names used for Anery C.
  14. reduced red pigment which becomes more like an anerythristic as they become adults.