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chunks, plural;
  1. Move with or make a muffled, metallic sound
    • - the door chunked behind them
  1. A thick, solid piece of something
    • - huge chunks of masonry littered the street
  2. An amount or part of something
    • - fuel takes a large chunk of their small income

  1. ball: a compact mass; "a ball of mud caught him on the shoulder"
  2. lump: put together indiscriminately; "lump together all the applicants"
  3. a substantial amount; "we won a chunk of money"
  4. collocate: group or chunk together in a certain order or place side by side
  5. Tschunk or chunk is the name of a German cocktail consisting of Club-Mate and white or brown rum. It is usually served with limes. The edge of the glass may be covered with salt. ...
  6. Chunk is an fictional supporting character published by DC Comics. He first appeared in Flash v2, #9, February (1988), and was created by Mike Baron and Jackson Guice.
  7. A chunk is a fragment of information which is used in many multimedia formats, such as PNG, MP3 and AVI.
  8. This is a list of characters from the Toy Story trilogy which consists of the animated films Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3.
  9. (Chunks) The following is a list of characters featured in the Donkey Kong series of video-games made by both Rare and Nintendo, among others.
  10. A part of something that has been separated; A representative of a substance at large, often large and irregular; A discrete segment of a file, stream, etc. (especially one that represents audiovisual media); a block; To break into large pieces or chunks; especially is southern U.S., to throw
  11. (Chunks) Cross-sections of large dressed fish, having a cross-section of backbone as the only bone. They are similar to a beef or pork roast and are ready for cooking.
  12. (Chunks) A chunk is a piece of text that Flexifilter spots, per its pre-programmed conditions in a flexifilter, and acts on.
  13. (Chunks) Parts of words that can be put together to make decoding faster.  For example, instead of sounding out "champ" by each letter- /c/ /h/ /a/ /m/ /p/, a student can look at the chunks and sound out the word as /ch/ and /amp/ and put that together to make "champ."
  14. (Chunks) Pieces of food which have been cut into equal sizes, measuring at least 2.5cm/1inch.
  15. (Chunks) Usually bite-size pieces, about 1-inch or larger.
  16. (Chunks) approximately paragraph-sized bits of the text, distinguished by their function (e.g., definition, argument, explanation, description, etc.), together with other information about these bits of text (see below).
  17. Another word for hitting a ball fat.
  18. When the club strikes the ground well behind the ball.
  19. A section of a PNG file. Each chunk has a type indicated by its chunk type name. Most types of chunks also include some data. The format and meaning of the data within the chunk are determined by the type name.
  20. words that are often understood or learned together as in fixed phrases; "chunking" means to organize learning into manageable amounts
  21. A chunk is a group of samples. In PyMVPA chunks define independent groups of samples (note: the groups are independent from each other, not the samples in each particular group). ...
  22. A body of information which can be dealt with as a single concept or idea.  For some people a "steering wheel" is one chunk, whilst for a car mechanic the whole steering system may be one chunk. ...
  23. A collection of data with a known format within a graphics file. Chunks are also called blocks in some graphics file format specifications. See also packet.
  24. a hypothesized unit of human knowledge, such as a rule, pattern, or concept.
  25. Plastic or pork trailer commonly used on jigs. The term "chunk" also refers to a fat bass.