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Relating to the establishment of dates and time sequences,
  1. Relating to the establishment of dates and time sequences
    • - the diary provided a chronological framework for the events
  2. (of a record of several events) Starting with the earliest and following the order in which they occurred
    • - the entries are in chronological order
  3. Calculated in terms of the passage of time rather than some other criterion
    • - ratings are calculated by dividing a child's mental age by his or her chronological age

  1. relating to or arranged according to temporal order; "chronological age"
  2. (chronologically) with respect to chronology; "he is chronologically older"
  3. (chronology) an arrangement of events in time
  4. (chronology) the determination of the actual temporal sequence of past events
  5. (Chronology (Bryn Haworth album)) Chronology is the tenth studio album by Bryn Haworth.
  6. (Chronology (Dom and Roland album)) Chronology is the third drum and bass album of Dom & Roland released in 2004 on CD (release code ASHADOW31CD) and vinyl (ASHADOW31LP) on the Moving Shadow label, UK. ...
  7. (Chronology (geology)) Geochronology is the science of determining the absolute age of rocks, fossils, and sediments, within a certain degree of uncertainty inherent to the method used. A variety of dating methods are used by geologists to achieve this. ...
  8. In order of time from the earliest to the latest; In units of time
  9. (chronology) A list of key events, with dates, in date order.
  10. (CHRONOLOGY) (Greek: "logic of time"): The order in which events happen, especially when emphasizing a cause-effect relationship in history or in a narrative.
  11. (Chronology) A rough guide to the periods of human history;
  12. (Chronology) Ancient Egypt | Greek and Roman Egypt | Early Arab Egypt | Ottoman Egypt | Muhammad Ali and his successors | Modern Egypt
  13. (Chronology) Date information that identifies a particular issue of a serial, e.g., day, month, season, etc., and year. Along with frequency statement on the piece, chronology information helps determine a serial's publication pattern.
  14. (Chronology) Lists the events of Star Trek's history in order of stardates.
  15. (Chronology) are sequential periods of time that can be defined by unique characteristics in economy, architecture and tool making. There are general chronologies for large areas such as the Pecos Classification for the Southwestern U.S. and local chronologies for smaller areas.
  16. (chronology) A form of presentation in which the order of events is fixed, such as in a book, theatre or cinema. Cf. non-linear, navigation.
  17. (chronology) Placing the events in the order of occurrence.   example-  "They have gills as larvae;  as they grow they turn a luminescent red, lose their gills, and walk out of the water to spend a few years paddling around in damp places on the forest floor. ...
  18. (chronology) Refers to the dating and historical order of events and people. A chronology can be a simple statement relating dates of events (e.g., 1 Kgs 6:1) or a series of events in historical order (as throughout 1 and 2 Kings). ...
  19. (chronology) The order in which events are placed, irrespective of a time scale. Thus, rock art periods are listed in order of occurrence, although precise dates are unknown and considerable overlap occurred.
  20. The Chronology begins with the Geneva Accords of 1954, and runs to 2001, but coverage of the years 1954-1958 and 1976-2001 is brief. Twenty-one pages are devoted to the years 1959-1975.
  21. This means following a time order. A chronological recitation of events starts at the beginning and proceeds to relate actions in the order in which they occurred. ...
  22. to be done in the order that events occur
  23. The science that deals with determining details and events.