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christens, 3rd person singular present; christened, past participle; christening, present participle; christened, past tense;
  1. Give (a baby) a Christian name at baptism as a sign of admission to a Christian Church
    • - their second daughter was christened Jeanette
  2. Give to (someone or something) a name that reflects a notable quality or characteristic
    • - a person so creepy that his colleagues christened him “Millipede.”
  3. Dedicate (a vessel, building, etc.) ceremonially
    • - their first garbage truck was christened with a bottle of champagne
  4. Use for the first time
    • - let's get steaks and christen the new grill

  1. giving a Christian name at baptism
  2. The Christian sacrament at which someone, usually a child, is baptized and given a Christian name; Any instance of someone's or something's being christened
  3. The term used in the Anglican church for the ceremony of baptizing and naming a child.
  4. An ordinance performed on a baby by the minister of the local parish in the Church of England, Wales, and Ireland. The child is baptized, given a name, and received into the church.
  5. Erasing the name of the true maker from a stolen watch, and engraving a fictitious one in its place.
  6. Introducing to the world of Chris obsession.
  7. Another word for Baptism.
  8. baptism of an infant