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children, plural;
  1. A young human being below the age of full physical development or below the legal age of majority

  2. A son or daughter of any age

  3. An immature or irresponsible person
    • - she's such a child!
  4. A person who has little or no experience in a particular area
    • - he's a child in financial matters
  5. The descendants of a family or people
    • - the children of Abraham
  6. A person or thing influenced by a specified environment
    • - a child of the sixties
    • - OPEC was in a sense a child of the Cold War

  1. a young person of either sex; "she writes books for children"; "they're just kids"; "`tiddler' is a British term for youngster"
  2. a human offspring (son or daughter) of any age; "they had three children"; "they were able to send their kids to college"
  3. an immature childish person; "he remained a child in practical matters as long as he lived"; "stop being a baby!"
  4. a member of a clan or tribe; "the children of Israel"
  5. (childly) childlike: befitting a young child; "childlike charm"
  6. Congenital hemidysplasia with ichthyosiform erythroderma and limb defects (also known as "CHILD syndrome") is a genetic disorder with onset at birth seen almost exclusively in females.Freedberg, et al. (2003). Fitzpatrick's Dermatology in General Medicine. (6th ed.). McGraw-Hill. ...
  7. Biologically, a child (plural: children) is generally a human between the stages of birth and puberty. The legal definition of "child" generally refers to a minor, otherwise known as a person younger than the age of majority. ...
  8. The Child archetype, is an important Jungian archetype in Jungian psychology, first suggested by Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung. Recently, author Caroline Myss suggested Child, amongst four the Survival Archetypes (Victim, Prostitute, and Saboteur), present in all of us. ...
  9. The ancient Egyptian child hieroglyph is part of the Egyptian Gardiner's Sign List hieroglyphs for the beginning core subgroup of Man and his Occupations. It relates to the child, and childhood, and has a version for the Pharaoh, as a child.
  10. Child is a discontinued American parenting magazine founded by Jackie Leo and MaryAnn Sommers in 1986 and published through 2007. ...
  11. "Child" is the debut single from former Take That band member, Mark Owen. It was the first single to be released from his debut album, Green Man. The single peaked at #3 on the UK Singles Chart, making it the most successful single of his whole solo career. It certified silver and sold over 200. ...
  12. A daughter or son; A person who is below the age of adulthood; a minor (person who is below the legal age of responsibility or accountability); A data item, process or object which has a subservient or derivative role relative to another data item, process or object
  13. Generally, an unmarried person under 21 years of age who is: a child born in wedlock; a stepchild, provided that the child was under 18 years of age at the time that the marriage creating the stepchild relationship occurred; a legitimated child, provided that the child was legitimated while in ...
  14. Offspring of parentage; progeny.
  15. A component, raw material or other item used in the production of the next-level assembly (parent) item.
  16. In a generalization relationship, the specialization of another element, the parent. See subclass, subtype. Contrast: parent.
  17. a state in which people revert to behaving, feeling and thinking similarly to how they did in childhood. ...
  18. A run unit created by another run unit.
  19. in estate law includes an adopted child or step-child
  20. bearn, n.; cild; lytling
  21. refers to the age range from 1 to 5 years
  22. Objects that can have hierarchical relationships, such as menu items, book pages, taxonomy terms and so on. A "child" menu item, for example, is nested under another menu item, which is referred to as the "parent" menu item.
  23. means a biological, adopted, or foster child, a stepchild, a legal ward, or a child for whom the employee has day-to-day responsibility for care and financial support, who is either under age 18 or age 18 or older and "incapable of self-care because of a mental or physical disability."
  24. an adolescent -- anyone under the age of 18--someone of small stature, someone who needs to be taken care of - someone who cannot take care of themselves
  25. relationship indicating a smaller, narrower subproject of a larger, broader project (the parent.)