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cherishes, 3rd person singular present; cherished, past participle; cherishing, present participle; cherished, past tense;
  1. Protect and care for (someone) lovingly
    • - he cared for me beyond measure and cherished me in his heart
  2. Hold (something) dear
    • - I cherish the letters she wrote
    • - cherished possessions
  3. (of a hope, idea, or memory) Think of longingly or lovingly
    • - we will cherish your memory

  1. care for: be fond of; be attached to
  2. (cherished) characterized by feeling or showing fond affection for; "a cherished friend"; "children are precious"; "a treasured heirloom"; "so good to feel wanted"
  3. Cherish is the debut solo album by American singer David Cassidy, produced by Wes Farrell and released by Bell Records in early 1972.
  4. Girl 2 Lady is the second album released by Beni Arashiro from label Avex Trax. The song FLASH was a digital released and was a CM theme song for the product KOSE VISEE . The album reached the #87 spot on the Oricon charts.
  5. Cherish is a 2002 comedy-drama film written and directed by Finn Taylor. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 14, 2002 and had a limited theatrical release June 7 of that same year. ...
  6. Cherish is an American R&B, soul, and hip hop quartet consisting of the sisters Farrah King (born February 17, 1984), Neosha King (born January 26, 1986) and twins Felisha and Fallon King (born June 5, 1987). ...
  7. "Cherish" is the title of a 1985 single by American R&B band Kool & the Gang. The song was the third single released from the band's multi-platinum album, Emergency, which came out earlier in the year. ...
  8. "Cherish" is a song by American singer-songwriter Madonna. It was released as the third single from her fourth studio album Like a Prayer on August 1, 1989 by Sire Records. ...
  9. Cherish is a pop music song written by Terry Kirkman and recorded by The Association. Released in 1966, the song reached number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in September of that year and remained in the top position for three weeks. In Canada the song also reached number one. ...
  10. Cherished is the fourteenth studio album by American singer-actress Cher released in September 1977 by Warner Bros. Records. This album, like other several predecessors, was a commercial failure and failed to chart.
  11. (Cherished (film)) Cherished is a 2005 British film based on the wrongful conviction of Angela Cannings for the deaths of her three children. It was a joint production by BBC's drama and current affairs wings.
  12. To treat with tenderness and affection; to nurture with care; to protect and aid; To hold dear; to embrace with interest; to indulge; to encourage; to foster; to promote; as, to cherish religious principle; To cheer, gladden
  13. Cherished numbers are just another phrase for personalised registrations, which can also be referred to as personalised plates, private plates, private numbers or personalised number plates, they are all the same thing.