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checkouts, plural;
  1. A point at which goods are paid for in a supermarket or other store
    • - packaging that is scanned at the checkout counter
  2. The administrative procedure followed when a guest leaves a hotel at the end of a stay
    • - checkout time

  1. check: the act of inspecting or verifying; "they made a check of their equipment"; "the pilot ran through the check-out procedure"
  2. the latest time for vacating a hotel room; "the checkout here is 12 noon"
  3. a counter in a supermarket where you pay for your purchases
  4. (Checkouts) Point of sale (POS) or checkout is the location where a transaction occurs. A "checkout" refers to a POS terminal or more generally to the hardware and software used for checkouts, the equivalent of an electronic cash register.
  5. the process of checking out of a hotel, or the latest time to vacate a room in one; the process of checking out items at a supermarket or library; the place in a supermarket where this is done; a test to see if some device is functioning properly; an inspection or investigation
  6. (“Checkouts”) 10 words   (page 22)
  7. The final step in the process of purchasing items in your shopping cart.
  8. Get a copy of source code from CVS.
  9. The parent’s job at the motel. This is listed here to remind parents to request "Late Check Out" times if offered at no charge by the motel. This makes the last day of the meet a little less hectic.
  10. Checkout is the act of taking selected data out of an ArcStorm database into a local coverage for editing purposes. When data is checked out, it is locked to prevent updates from other users. ArcStorm data cannot be modified directly, it must first be checked out.
  11. The process of accessing PDM-managed product data or information under PDM controlled procedures. This access may be for viewing, reference and use in another design or manufacturing task, or for making a design change. ...
  12. Borrow library materials using a Brown ID
  13. To record the loan of an item to a borrower. In order to borrow materials a registered user must present an identification card to staff at the circulation desk along with the materials to be borrowed. See also Circulation.
  14. Checking-out a file creates a local working copy of the file from the database/repository. A user may obtain a specific version or obtain the latest version.
  15. 8:30 am - 10 am sharp. Overstay charges may apply.
  16. To take a copy of a file from the repository into your working folder (sandbox). Typically you will be checking-out the latest revision, but you can also access all earlier revisions. Depending on the VCS the file can be flagged as simply checked-out, or checked-out exclusively (locked).
  17. Once users have selected the required purchases, they proceed to the 'check-out' to complete the transaction. At this stage, various additional pieces of information are input, such as name of requisitioner, date, cost centre, delivery address, etc.
  18. What you do on your last day at the hotel in Cozumel.
  19. A transaction approving a guest’s final bill.
  20. The date you will depart from the hotel.
  21. Checking out a repository creates a copy of a desired branch on your local machine. This copy contains the latest revision of the repository that you specify.
  22. Normal check-out time is between 8am and 10am on your booked day of departure, unless otherwise agreed in advance.
  23. a throw, that if hit, will win and game over.
  24. the process of determining if all parts of a recently
  25. The act or command that allows a developer to bring code from the repository to the developer's local system for the first time, and effectively adds the developer to share the code. This action also creates a link between the developer's version of the code and the repository version of the code.