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chatting, present participle; chats, 3rd person singular present; chatted, past participle; chatted, past tense;
  1. Talk in a friendly and informal way
    • - she chatted to her mother on the phone every day
  1. A small Old World songbird of the thrush subfamily, with a harsh call and typically with bold black, white, and buff or chestnut coloration

  2. Any of a number of small songbirds with harsh calls

  1. an informal conversation
  2. chew the fat: talk socially without exchanging too much information; "the men were sitting in the cafe and shooting the breeze"
  3. New World chat: birds having a chattering call
  4. CHAT-FM is a Canadian radio station that broadcasts a country music format at 94.5 FM in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The station is owned by Jim Pattison Group.
  5. Chats (formerly sometimes known as Chat-thrushes) are a group of small Old World insectivorous birds formerly classed as members of the thrush family Turdidae, but now considered Old World flycatchers.
  6. Choline acetyltransferase (abbreviated "ChAT") is an enzyme that is synthesized within the body of a neuron. It is then transferred to the nerve terminal via axoplasmic flow. ...
  7. Chat is a British weekly women's magazine, published through the IPC Media group, and edited by Gilly Sinclair. The magazine includes mostly real life stories.
  8. Chat is a term for fragments of siliceous rock, limestone, and dolomite waste rejected in the lead-zinc milling operations that accompanied lead-zinc mining in the first half of the twentieth century. ...
  9. Online chat can refer to any kind of communication over the Internet, but is primarily meant to refer to direct one-on-one chat or text-based group chat (formally also known as synchronous conferencing), using tools such as instant messengers, Internet Relay Chat, talkers and possibly MUDs. ...
  10. (CHATTING) Sending instant message received by the other person in a second’s time.
  11. (Chatting) Also called deejaying, chanting, toasting or reggae rapping. The vocal style of a dancehall deejay that raps staccato lyrics in thick Jamaican Patios (Creole) over syncopated Caribbean beats.
  12. (Chatting) An instant messaging application allows people to communicate with each other over a network in real time, in relative privacy. By entering other’s email address or messenger ID, you can communicate with each other in a chat window with space to write and to read a message. ...
  13. chat with individuals, send broadcast messages, or designate an individual participant or a group to conduct Q&A sessions
  14. is interaction on a web site, with a number of people adding text items one after the other into the same space at (almost) the same time. A place for chat – chat room – differs from a forum because conversations happen in “real time”, rather as they do face to face.
  15. An on-line text-based communication between Internet users.
  16. A method of communication over the Internet in which information is being relayed in real time like a conversation, only words are being typed, not spoken. See IRC and Instant Messaging.
  17. Typed conversation that you can have with other players at an online poker site (or any online gathering, for that matter).
  18. Chatting is like e-mail, only it is done instantaneously and can directly involve multiple people at once. While e-mail now relies on one more or less standard protocol, chatting still has a couple competing ones. Of particular note are IRC and Instant Messenger. ...
  19. The equivalent (computer) of a conversation (talking) via a key board.
  20. Typing text into a message box on a screen to engage in dialog with one or more people via the Internet or other network.
  21. Allows Web surfers to "speak" to one another on a real-time basis. Generally, messages typed in can be viewed immediately.
  22. A form of interactive online communication that enables typed conversations to occur in real-time. When participating in a chat discussion, your messages are instantaneously relayed to other members in the chat room while other members' messages are instantaneously relayed to you.
  23. real-time, synchronous, text-based communication via computer.
  24. A feature of the internet that allows users to "talk" to one another in virtual real time. Users communicate by typing messages which are sent instantly to another person or group within the chat group. The same has been extended to use voice chat.
  25. Real-time communication over the internet. You type and send messages that appear almost instantly on the computer monitors of the other people who are participating in the chat.