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chasms, plural;
  1. A deep fissure in the earth, rock, or another surface

  2. A profound difference between people, viewpoints, feelings, etc
    • - the chasm between rich and poor

  1. a deep opening in the earth's surface
  2. In geology, a rift or chasm is a place where the Earth's crust and lithosphere are being pulled apart and is an example of extensional tectonics.
  3. Chasm is the first album by industrial band Delta-S, originally released in March 2005 as Chasm, Volume 0 on WindM Records. It was later re-released as Chasm, Volume 1 in May that same year.
  4. Chasm is the 15th studio album by Ryuichi Sakamoto and was released in 2004. The album is experimental, pairing Sakamoto's piano work with ambient and glitch programming. ...
  5. The Chasm is a death metal band originally from Mexico, now relocated to Chicago. Though their first album was released in 1994 the band got wider recognition only after Earache Records signed them on. ...
  6. Chasms is a proprietary emulator for the Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear 8-bit video games console that runs on Windows systems. The primary author is Benjamin Eirich who is also the developer of Verge, an RPG game engine. The emulator are under a freeware licence.
  7. A deep, steep-sided rift, gap or fissure; a gorge or abyss; A large difference of opinion
  8. (chasmic) Like a chasm
  9. noun - A planar division between two sets of points; a gap that separates two objects in realmspace or lower. A chasm can penetrate objects in tetraspace or higher without splitting them. It is the realmspace analog of the hole in planespace and the gully in tetraspace.
  10. a deep cleft in the earth with steep sides, such as a canyon or gorge
  11. literally a gorge; metaphorically a gap; used here to indicate the emotional distance between Allie and others
  12. stands for Collaborative Hypertalk ASseMbler. It is our open-source compiler and interpreter, and the assembly language form of bCHASM.
  13. a wide elongated gap in a cave floor.