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Challengers, plural;
  1. A US space shuttle that exploded 1.5 minutes after launch on January 28, 1986, killing its crew of seven

  1. rival: the contestant you hope to defeat; "he had respect for his rivals"; "he wanted to know what the competition was doing"
  2. The Challenger was an extreme clipper ship built in East Boston in 1853. She sailed in the San Francisco trade, and later in the guano trade in Peru.
  3. Challenger is an ABC TV-movie based on the events surrounding the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. Its production was somewhat controversial as the families of the astronauts generally objected to it. ...
  4. Challenger is the second album by Swiss band Knut.
  5. Challenger was a wooden clipper ship built in 1852 by Richard & Henry Green, Blackwall Yard for Hugh Hamilton Lindsay, London.
  6. The Challenger is a fictional superhero in comic books published by Marvel Comics, beginning with the company's 1940s iteration as Timely Comics during the period fans and historians call the Golden Age of Comic Books.
  7. Challenger is a non-releasable Bald Eagle in the care of the non-profit American Eagle Foundation. He is the first Bald Eagle in history trained to free fly into major sporting events during the National Anthem.
  8. Challenger was an Australian children's game show that aired on the Nine Network in 1997 and 1998. The first host was Diarmid Heidenreich famous for playing Dougie the pizza delivery boy in the Pizza Hut commercials in the mid 1990's. ...
  9. Space Shuttle Challenger (NASA Orbiter Vehicle Designation: OV-099) was NASA's second Space Shuttle orbiter to be put into service, Columbia being the first. ...
  10. Challenger is a '''' novel written by Diane Carey.
  11. The Challenger was a named passenger train fleet jointly operated by the Union Pacific Railroad and the Chicago and North Western Railway (which was later replaced by the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad, better known as the "Milwaukee Road"). ...
  12. (Challengers (album)) Challengers is the fourth album by Canadian indie rock band The New Pornographers, released on August 21, 2007. The track listing for the album was revealed June 1, 2007. ...
  13. (The Challengers (CBC TV film)) The Challengers is a 1990 family television film that was produced by Lauron Productions for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It stars Gema Zamprogna (best known for her role on Road to Avonlea), Gwynyth Walsh and Eric Christmas. ...
  14. (The Challengers (game show)) The Challengers was an American syndicated game show from Ron Greenberg Productions, Dick Clark Productions, and Buena Vista Television. The show was hosted by Dick Clark. The show premiered on September 3, 1990 and ended on August 30, 1991. ...
  15. (The Challengers (musical group)) The Challengers were an instrumental surf music band started in late 1962. They were located in Los Angeles. They represented a growing love for surf music and helped make the genre popular. ...
  16. One who challenges
  17. (Challengers) Employers recruiting for Challengers will need to show opportunities for advancement, training and development offered for growth, and the benefits of a career within the organization.
  18. (Challengers) Group Members Name: Masroor Ali Soomro Zeeshan Ali Khan Ahmed Hussian Siddiqui Arslan Ahemd Sonia Kumari Sarika
  19. (Challengers) score higher the ability to execute and lower on the completeness of vision. Typically larger, settled businesses with minimal future plans for that industry.
  20. The candidate trying to unseat the person in office, or incumbent.
  21. (Properly "Identity Challenger") An entity that requests and has the ability to interpret integrity metrics.
  22. Locomotive with 4-6-6-4 wheel arrangement (refer Whyte)
  23. It was the U.S. space shuttle that exploded killing seven astronauts.
  24. (1) player who initiates a ladder match, (2) low tier or semi-pro event
  25. a pink and white rabbit.