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Relating to or used for formal events of a religious or public nature,
  1. Relating to or used for formal events of a religious or public nature
    • - ceremonial robes
    • - the solemn, ceremonial air of a procession of monks
    • - presented at ceremonial occasions
  2. (of a position or role) Involving only nominal authority or power
    • - originally a ceremonial post, it is now a position with executive power
  1. The system of rules and procedures to be observed at a formal or religious occasion
    • - the procedure was conducted with all due ceremonial
  2. A rite or ceremony
    • - a ceremonial called the ghost dance

  1. ceremony: a formal event performed on a special occasion; "a ceremony commemorating Pearl Harbor"
  2. marked by pomp or ceremony or formality; "a ceremonial occasion"; "ceremonial garb"
  3. Ceremonial is the second studio album released by the American Post-Punk band Savage Republic, released in 1985 through Fundamental Records. It was has been re-issued accompanied by the EP Trudge since 1990.
  4. (CEREMONIALISM) Strict attention to what is prescribed by custom or by ritual.
  5. (Ceremonies) Erin Carver visits various houses of worship.
  6. (Ceremonies) In Native American tradition you don't perform or participate in ceremonies. You become ceremony. Ceremony is something that cannot be sold but must be gifted.
  7. (Ceremonies) With the exception of low masses and offices that were simply recited, there was singing at High Mass on Sundays and on the main feast days; at Sunday vespers; at salutations, benedictions, and expositions of the Blessed Sacrament; and during processions (Blessed Sacrament, ...
  8. (ceremonies) Formations and movements in which a number of troops execute movements in unison and with precision just as in drill; however, their primary value is to render honors, preserve tradition, and stimulate esprit de corps.
  9. the m/45C is an m/45B with a bayonet mount on the barrel sleeve which was used for parade and guard duties. The standard m/45 and m/45B have no bayonet mount.^[1]
  10. 1.adj. involving rather complex high-liturgical rituals and elaborate tools, apparel, and/or temple decoration and specifically associated to n occasion or specific time and place, and the arrangement in which the ritual is to be conducted.