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centralising, present participle; centralized, past tense; centralizes, 3rd person singular present; centralises, 3rd person singular present; centralised, past tense; centralizing, present participle; centralised, past participle; centralized, past participle;
  1. Concentrate (control of an activity or organization) under a single authority
    • - a vast superstructure of centralized control
  2. Bring (activities) together in one place
    • - the ultimate goal is to centralize boxing under one umbrella

  1. drawn toward a center or brought under the control of a central authority; "centralized control of emergency relief efforts"; "centralized government"
  2. centralizing(a): tending to draw to a central point
  3. Centralisation, or centralization (see spelling differences), is the process by which the activities of an organisation, particularly those regarding planning decision-making, become concentrated within a particular location and/or group.
  4. (Centralization) Characterizes the amount to which the network is centered on one or a few important nodes.
  5. (Centralization) Characteristic of a practice in which a limited amount of authority is delegated.
  6. (Centralization) Concentration of processes, practices and procedures into a single location, role and/or mechanism.
  7. (Centralization) The degree to which information must flow through a specific central member of a communication network. [GB]
  8. (Centralization) The difference between the number of links for each node divided by maximum possible sum of differences. ...
  9. (Centralization) The network can easily be scaled or expanded by adding to the capacity of the hub node, or by adding additional devices to the star. The fact that all traffic passes through the central hub means that the hub can easily be used to inspect or control traffic through the network.
  10. (Centralization) This refers to the act of moving your Pieces - one or more - toward the Center of the chessboard.
  11. (Centralization) of infrastructure in locations with lower costs (such as real estate, electricity, etc.)
  12. (Centralization) the gathering together, at a corporate headquarters, of specialist functions such as finance, personnel and information technology. Centralization is usually undertaken in order to effect economies of scale and to standardize operating procedures throughout the organization. ...
  13. (centralization) The spatial regrouping of activities into larger units. May refer to reductions in numbers of service units of the welfare state or movements back into central cities. Contrast with decentralization.
  14. (Centralize) Movement of instrument by feel of contact so that its axis is oriented parallel to the line of measurement. This is sometimes called "rocking".
  15. (Centralize) To place pieces and pawns so they attack the center.
  16. Systems where decision making, flow of data or goods and services, or the beginning of activities are initiated at the same central point and disseminated to remote points in the chain or organization.
  17. To bring under a single, central authority.
  18. (usually in terms of vowels):  Refers to vowels that are pronounced between front and back vowels (see fronting and backing definitions).
  19. A type of network design in which users are not responsible for creating their own data backups or providing security for their computers; instead, those tasks are handled by a centralized server, software, and a system administrator.
  20. assessment Assessment of student learning by an external authority such as the Ministry of Education