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cellars, plural;
  1. Store (wine) in a cellar

  1. A room below ground level in a house, typically one used for storing wine or coal

  2. A stock of wine

  1. basement: the lowermost portion of a structure partly or wholly below ground level; often used for storage
  2. root cellar: an excavation where root vegetables are stored
  3. storage space where wines are stored
  4. The Cellar is a 1989 horror starring Patrick Kilpatrick.
  5. the cellar is the marketing theme or concept for the group of departments that are commonly located on the first floor below ground level at the larger Macy's department store locations. ...
  6. The Cellar is a 1980 horror novel by American author Richard Laymon. It was Laymon's first published novel, and together with sequels The Beast House, The Midnight Tour, and the novella Friday Night in Beast House, forms the series known by fans of Laymon as "The Beast House Chronicles."
  7. Located in Arlington Heights, Illinois, The Cellar teen dance club provided consistently good live musical entertainment in the 1960s. ...
  8. (Cellars) A basement is one or more floors of a building that are either completely or partially below the ground floor. ...
  9. An enclosed underground space, often under a building; used for storage or shelter; A wine collection, especially when stored in a cellar; Last place in a competition; A small dish for holding salt; To store in a cellar
  10. A storage area for wine, not necessarily underground. A cellar is the best area to keep wines for aging. Ideal conditions are darkness, controlled cool temperature, and high humidity. Bottles should be stored on their sides to keep the corks from drying out.
  11. The room, usually underground, where cheeses are left to ripen. Some cheeses, Roquefort is the most famous, are ripened in caves.
  12. A storehouse or storeroom used specifically for holding wine. Long ago, wine was best kept in underground cellars. Modern methods of insulation and temperature control have transformed the job of storing wine, making it possible for wine "cellars" to be above ground as well. ...
  13. To dream of being in a cold, damp cellar, you will be oppressed by doubts. You will lose confidence in all things and suffer gloomy forebodings from which you will fail to escape unless you control your will. It also indicates loss of property. ...
  14. Last place. Also "basement."
  15. Cellar is a term that describes an area in which a wine is stored or aged, at a winery or private home. It is also often used to refer to the place where winemaking takes place. The French term for cellar is chai.
  16. A subterranean vault (Ch1 27:28), a storehouse. The word is also used to denote the treasury of the temple (Kg1 7:51) and of the king (Kg1 14:26). The Hebrew word is rendered "garner" in Joe 1:17, and "armoury" in Jer 50:25.
  17. A student-run pizza kitchen and snack food store located in the Wheelock Student Center.
  18. A common place for storing bottles of wine due to the naturally cool and consistent temperatures. Among wealthier collectors it is common to install intricate rack and storage systems along with temperature and humidity gauges to better protect wines for long term storage and investment.
  19. In the old days, it was a dark, cool basement, and often the underground part of a house, as it still is for homemade wines.  But now, due to modern technology, we have temperature and humidity controlled rooms which are perfect for aging wines. ...
  20. A pit in the ground to provide additional height between the rig floor and the well head to accommodate the installation of blowout preventers, rat holes, mouse holes, and so forth.  It also may collect drainage water and other fluids for subsequent disposal.
  21. Posh name for underground college bars, e.g. at Clare and King's.
  22. Any collection of one or more (preferably vintage (qv)) bottles of wine.
  23. That portion of a building between floor and ceiling which is wholly or partly below grade, and so located that the vertical distance from grade to the floor below is equal to or greater than the vertical distance from grade to ceiling.
  24. A wine storage area, historically underground, but now located in a temperature-controlled room.
  25. A room or set of rooms below or predominantly below grade, usually under a building.