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Attentive to potential problems or dangers,
  1. Attentive to potential problems or dangers
    • - a cautious driver
  2. (of an action) Characterized by such an attitude
    • - the plan received a cautious welcome

  1. showing careful forethought; "reserved and cautious; never making swift decisions"; "a cautious driver"
  2. timid: people who are fearful and cautious; "whitewater rafting is not for the timid"
  3. avoiding excess; "a conservative estimate"
  4. (cautiously) as if with kid gloves; with caution or prudence or tact; "she ventured cautiously downstairs"; "they handled the incident with kid gloves"
  5. (cautiousness) caution: the trait of being cautious; being attentive to possible danger; "a man of caution"
  6. (caution) warn strongly; put on guard
  7. Cautiousness is a faculty from Phrenology.
  8. (Caution (album)) Caution is an album by the band Hot Water Music and released by Epitaph Records on October 8, 2002.
  9. (Caution (football)) Misconduct in association football is any conduct by a player that is deemed by the referee to warrant a disciplinary sanction (caution or dismissal) in accordance with Law 12 of the Laws of the Game. ...
  10. careful; using or exercising caution; tentative
  11. (caution) Precept or warning against evil or danger of any kind; exhortation to wariness; advice; injunction; A careful attention to the probable effects of an act, in order that failure or harm may be avoided; prudence in regard to danger; provident care; wariness; Security; guaranty; bail; One ...
  12. (Caution) to reduce premium costs, some of the newest policies increase benefits based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), compounded annually. As it turns out, this method can be even worse than the simple method. ...
  13. (Caution) An admonition from the referee to a boxer, but generally not for serious infringements of the rules. After three cautions, a warning is issued.
  14. (Caution) A formal warning by the referee to a player or substitute whose behavior or play has become unacceptable, signified by the display of a yellow card.
  15. (Caution) a disciplinary action in which the referee shows a player the yellow card (for violating a soccer rule, obviously). A second caution in the same match results in the player being shown the red card (ejected from the game).
  16. (CAUTION) Do not remove the edible cake art photo-image from its air-tight plastic bag until the cake is frosted and ready for the decoration. Ambient air dries the photo-image and makes it brittle and susceptible to cracking. ...
  17. (CAUTION) (Arabic Hazar) is enjoined by Muhammad who is related to have said: "A Muslim is not bitten twice at the same hole" "He is no perfect man who has not fallen into troub1e, for there is no skillful physician but experience. ...
  18. (CAUTION) Do not use leading ampersands on macro variable names. The arguments in the CALL routine invoked by the %SYSCALL macro are resolved before execution. ...
  19. (CAUTION) Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.
  20. (CAUTION) Some approved oils contain anti-scuffing additives that should NOT be used during engine break-in. Always refer to the label to ensure that the oil is correct for your application.
  21. (CAUTION) This function should be used only with an uncompressed SAS table that is accessed using a native library engine.
  22. (CAUTION) Warranty given with titles or things of value, besides money, that certain contractual debt, as real estate financing or rent, be paid.
  23. (CAUTION) When using the term, always clarify the way the term is being used.
  24. (CAUTION) registration for free membership into ESDLT
  25. (Caution (yellow card)) given by the official or referee as a sign of warning to a player who has gained ill favor by his actions on the field.  Should a player receive two of these  cards or warning during one match they must leave the field and no longer participate.