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cathedrals, plural;
  1. The principal church of a diocese, with which the bishop is officially associated
    • - St. Paul's Cathedral

  1. any large and important church
  2. relating to or containing or issuing from a bishop's office or throne; "a cathedral church"
  3. the principal Christian church building of a bishop's diocese
  4. (cathedra) a throne that is the official chair of a bishop
  5. A cathedral (French cathédrale from Lat. cathedra, "seat" from the Greek kathedra (καθέδρα), seat, bench, from kata "down" + hedra seat, base, chair) is a Christian church that contains the seat of a bishop. ...
  6. Cathedral is an album by Castanets, released in 2004.
  7. Cathedral are a doom metal band from Coventry, England. The group forged a link between early doom metal and a 1990s extreme metal aesthetic, making doom slower and heavier. Their debut album, Forest of Equilibrium, is considered a classic of the genre. ...
  8. Cathedral is a two-player abstract strategy board game based around a conflict between two factions ("dark" and "light") for territorial supremacy within the bounds of a mediæval city. The game is produced by Chrisbo I.P. Holdings Limited in New Zealand.
  9. The elm hybrid cultivar 'Cathedral' is one of several clones derived from crossings of the Siberian Elm U. pumila with the Japanese Elm U. davidiana var. japonica at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and patented in 1994.
  10. Naples Cathedral (Duomo di Napoli, Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta or Cattedrale di San Gennaro) is a Roman Catholic cathedral, the main church of Naples, southern Italy, and the seat of the Archbishop of Naples. ...
  11. (Cathedra) Literally a chair and the source of word "cathedral." This chair is located in the sanctuary and is used exclusively by the Archbishop.
  12. (cathedra) Merely transliterated to English from the Greek “καθέδρα” (“kathédra”), meaning “seat” or “chair”. The equivalent English word from Latin is the parse-confounding noun “see”. The Greek cognate verb “καθέζω” (“kathézo”) means, i.a., “to establish”.
  13. The principal church of a province or diocese, where the throne of the bishop is placed. For reasons lost to time and tradition, a cathedral always faces west - toward the setting sun. The altar is placed at the east end. ...
  14. A dramatic, lengthy style that will boost your wedding photos, this train cascades down and extends up to six feet behind you. Often comes with a detachable or bustle option.
  15. The church of a diocese, a grand building that lent great advances in Romanesque and Gothic architecture.
  16. The major church in an archdiocese or diocese. It is the seat of the local Ordinary (diocesan bishop, religious superior or other authority).
  17. an Episcopal Church which is the official church of a bishop of a diocese; sometimes such churches are indicated by the word Cathedral in their name, but not always. ...
  18. Magazine (Hamilton), March 1917; October 1919; July, September 1920; November 1921; January 1922; December 1925; February, May 1926 (copies in Cathedral of Christ the King Arch., Hamilton).
  19. The name of the texture or a type of art glass.
  20. is a Christian church that contains the seat of a bishop. In more detailed terms it is a religious building for worship, specifically of a denomination with an episcopal hierarchy, such as the Roman Catholic, Anglican and some Lutheran churches, which serves as a bishop's seat, and thus as the ...
  21. (onion rings) The growth ring pattern on the end of a board.
  22. A church serving as the see of a bishopric. A cathedral generally has the bishop's throne in its chancel.
  23. Neo-Gothic design style. Wall cabinet door panels have an exaggerated arch while the base cabinets are usually square.
  24. Early word to describe anhedral, or negative dihedral.
  25. A ring setting that utilizes arches to support and showcase a center stone. Solitaire engagement rings frequently use a cathedral mounting.