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cartons, plural;
  1. A light box or container, typically one made of waxed cardboard or plastic in which drinks or foodstuffs are packaged

  1. the quantity contained in a carton
  2. a box made of cardboard; opens by flaps on top
  3. Carton is the name of certain types of containers typically made from paperboard which is also sometimes known as cardboard. Many types of cartons are used in packaging. Sometimes a carton is also called a box.
  4. An inexpensive, disposable box-like creation fashioned from either paper, paper with wax-covering (wax paper), or other lightweight material. It is designed to hold things for a short period of time and be discarded or recycled after use
  5. (Cartons) Moving company boxes come in a variety of sizes. Some, such as dish barrel, wardrobe and mirror boxes have an obvious purpose.
  6. (Cartons) Containers used for packing smaller odds and ends.   Breakables and non-breakables may be packed in cartons.
  7. (Cartons) These are the boxes which are usually used to transport any belongings being transported by your removal experts. They are specialised boxes, which are created to protect your goods during transit.
  8. (Cartons) a master container usually made of brown (unbleached) fluted corrugated stock.
  9. Selling unit of paper weighing approximately 150 pounds (60 kilos). A carton can contain anywhere from 500 to 5,000 sheets, depending on the size of sheets and their basis weight.
  10. A single packaged product, usually in a cardboard box
  11. a container made from folding boxboard and supplied flat for erection when filling.
  12. A container which is made from carton board, generally between 0.25mm and 1.0mm in thickness, and is usually delivered to the user in the form of a carton blank or side seam glued skillets.
  13. a container made from thin paperboard that typically measures between 0.25 and 1 millimeter in thickness. Cartons are primarily used for displaying products on store shelves. They typically feature a chipboard stock that can support printing and graphics.
  14. Package containing 10 packs of cigarettes.
  15. Light cardboard box used to contain a single retail item. See also 'Case'.
  16. A container made of board or plastic, used for storing and/or shipping product.
  17. A cardboard box of beer; usually 24 tinnies or stubbies or 12 tallies
  18. In termites (isoptera), the nest building material composed of semidigested wood and soil cemented together with saliva and feces.
  19. A unit of product, a protective casing around a product.
  20. A folding box made from boxboard, used for shipping and warehousing.