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Pasteboard or stiff paper,
  1. Pasteboard or stiff paper
    • - a cardboard box
  2. (of a character in a literary work) Lacking depth and realism; artificial
    • - with its superficial, cardboard characters, the novel was typical of her work

  1. a stiff moderately thick paper
  2. without substance; "cardboard caricatures of historical figures"
  3. (The Cardboards) The Cardboards were one of the first bands in the local independent/experimental/punk/new wave scene in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,Mervis, Scott. "", Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2006-08-17, p. WE13. Retrieved on 2008-10-09. from around 1979 till 1985. ...
  4. A wood-based material resembling heavy paper, used in the manufacture of boxes and signs
  5. thick stiff paper produced by pasting several layers of paper together.
  6. General term for stiff, bulky paper such as index, tag, or bristol.
  7. A generic, non-specific term for heavy-duty, paper-based product. Do not use as a synonym for corrugated.
  8. Paper product made of unbleached kraft fiber, with two heavy outer layers and a wavy inner layer to provide strength.
  9. a thin, stiff material made of paper pulp and used in making cartons and other forms of packaging.
  10. Refers to all cardboard and pasteboard boxes, excluding waxed or laminated product boxes.
  11. A thin, stiff paperboard made of pressed paper pulp or sheets of paper pasted together. Used for playing cards, greeting cards, etc. Corrugated containers are not made of cardboard.
  12. layers of paper laminated into sheets of varying thickness, generally 0.006 inch (0.15 mm) or greater.
  13. A thin, stiff pasteboard, sometimes used for playing cards or signs. Misuse has extended the laymen’s definition to include boxboard (used to make folding cartons) and containerboard, a totally different material used to make corrugated board.
  14. Used to make cardboard boxes. A miracle invention of the twentieth century. Not archival. High acid content.
  15. A thick paper-based material.