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Identifying the agent performing an action,
  1. Identifying the agent performing an action

  2. After a passive verb
    • - the door was opened by my cousin Annie
    • - damage caused by fire
  3. After a noun denoting an action
    • - further attacks by the mob
    • - a clear decision by the electorate
  4. Identifying the author of a text, idea, or work of art
    • - a book by Ernest Hemingway
  5. Indicating the means of achieving something
    • - malaria can be controlled by attacking the parasite
    • - they plan to provide further working capital by means of borrowing
  6. Indicating a term to which an interpretation is to be assigned
    • - what is meant by “fair?”
  7. Indicating a name according to which a person is known
    • - she mostly calls me by my last name
  8. Indicating the means of transport selected for a journey
    • - traveling by train to Boston
  9. Indicating the other parent of someone's child or children
    • - Richard is his son by his third wife
  10. Indicating the sire of a pedigree animal, esp. a horse
    • - a black filly by Goldfuerst
  11. (followed by a noun without an adjective) In various phrases indicating how something happens
    • - I heard by chance that she has married again
    • - Anderson, by contrast, rejects this view
    • - she ate by candlelight
  12. Indicating the amount or size of a margin
    • - the shot missed her by miles
    • - the raising of taxes by 2.5%
  13. Indicating a unit of measurement
    • - billing is by the minute
  14. In phrases indicating something happening repeatedly or progressively, typically with repetition of a unit of time
    • - colors changing minute by minute
    • - the risk becomes worse by the day
  15. Identifying a parameter
    • - a breakdown of employment figures by age and occupation
  16. Expressing multiplication, often in dimensions
    • - a map measuring 24 by 36 inches
    • - she multiplied it by 89
  17. Indicating a deadline or the end of a particular time period
    • - I've got to do this report by Monday
    • - by now Kelly needed extensive physiotherapy
  18. Indicating location of a physical object beside a place or object
    • - remains were discovered by the roadside
    • - the lamp was by the door
  19. Past; beyond
    • - I drove by our house
  20. Indicating the period in which something happens
    • - this animal always hunts by night
  21. Concerning; according to
    • - anything you do is all right by me
    • - she had done her duty by him
  22. Used in mild oaths
    • - it was the least he could do, by God
  1. So as to go past
    • - a car flashed by on the other side of the road
    • - he let only a moment go by

  1. so as to pass a given point; "every hour a train goes past"
  2. aside: in reserve; not for immediate use; "started setting aside money to buy a car"; "put something by for her old age"; "has a nest egg tucked away for a rainy day"
  3. .by is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Belarus. It is administered by the State Center of the Information Security of the President of the Republic of Belarus (Государственный центр безопасности информации при Президенте Республики Беларусь). ...
  4. A pass; Out of the way, subsidiary; Along a path which runs by the speaker; In the vicinity, near; To or at a place, as a residence or place of business; Aside, away; Alternative spelling of bye; Near or next to; At some time before (the given time), or before the end of a given time interval; ...
  5. The ISO 3166-1 two-letter (alpha-2) code for Belarus
  6. Attribution. You must give the original author credit.
  7. Belarus (Byelorussia) [part of Rs (C) in Flora Europaea and AFE vols. 1–9; Bel in AFE vols. 10–12]
  8. A B horizon affected by cryoturbation as manifested by a disrupted and broken horizon, incorporation of materials from other horizons, and mechanical sorting in at least half of the pedon.
  9. fronting the object in place of the subject, the force of the sentence can be changed and the role of the agent can be diminished. ...
  10. apart from, e.g., "be and by the law," according to and apart from the law.
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  13. Close on the wind; "full-and-by"; close-hauled on the wind but with the sails full.
  14. One of the color difference signals used in the NTSC system, obtained by subtracting luminance from the blue video signal. This is the signal which drives the horizontal axis of a vectorscope.
  15. The preferred method for author attribution.
  16. Describes the relationship of a horse to its sire, in the context of its pedigree. A foal is by its sire and out of its dam.^[51]^[52]
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  21. A word referencing the sire or father of a horse. (See also: Out Of)
  22. A rugged truck equipped with six-wheel drive.
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  25. conj. near; at; next to ("by the road"); from ("a play by William Shakespeare"); not later than ("by midnight")