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builders, plural;
  1. A person who constructs something by putting parts or material together over a period of time
    • - a boat builder
  2. A person whose job is to construct or repair houses, or to contract for their construction and repair

  3. A person or thing that creates or develops a particular thing
    • - breaking the record was a real confidence builder

  1. a substance added to soaps or detergents to increase their cleansing action
  2. a person who creates a business or who organizes and develops a country; "empire builder"
  3. someone who contracts for and supervises construction (as of a building)
  4. A builder, in ice hockey, is a person who works to "manage" or build the game. It does not include forwards, defencemen nor goaltenders. The Hockey Hall of Fame has a section specifically for builders.
  5. gNewSense is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It tries to maintain the user-friendliness of Ubuntu but with all non-free software and binary blobs removed. The Free Software Foundation considers gNewSense to be a GNU/Linux distribution composed entirely of free software.
  6. Builder (abbreviated as BU) is a United States Navy occupational rating. A builder is responsible for the construction and repair of wood, concrete, and masonry structures. ...
  7. Building is one of the United Kingdom’s oldest business-to-business magazines, launched as The Builder in 1843 by Joseph Aloysius Hansom – architect of Birmingham Town Hall and designer of the Hansom Cab. The journal was renamed Building in 1966 as it is still known today. ...
  8. Buildering (also known as urban climbing, structuring, or stegophily) is the act of climbing on (usually) the outside of buildings and other artificial structures. The word "buildering" is a portmanteau combining the word "building" with the climbing term "bouldering".
  9. (Builders (Farscape)) This article contains information about fictional alien races in the Farscape universe.
  10. A person who builds or constructs things; A bodybuilder
  11. (Buildering) similar to bouldering, this activity takes place on buildings instead, primarily used for training
  12. (Builders) Colloquial term for the unknown race who constructed the Dyson Sphere. Some experts believe that the Builders may have been the same race known as the Preservers.
  13. (Builders) to carry out the work. We will coordinate the building works and our fitters so that the installation, positioning of services, eg. electric, water, gas and boiler replacement or re-siting runs smoothly, effectively project managing the whole job.
  14. (The Builders) LaConner is situated on the east bank of the Swinomish Slough a few miles north of where the Skagit River flows into Puget Sound. The first non-Natives to venture into the Skagit region were Spanish, British, and Russian explorers and fur traders. ...
  15. Builders construct homes within the community, which may feature many builders with varying home styles.
  16. A party who, as routine part of his business, buys Metal Buildings Systems from a manufacturer for the purpose of resale.
  17. A checker brought into your outer board where it bears directly onto one or more key points that you want to make.
  18. The company responsible for construction of the houses in any particular subdivision. The builder buys the lots from the developer and then builds the dwelling.
  19. A person who constructs the property on behalf of the developer.
  20. An API used to generate XML files from Ruby objects.
  21. it’s a checker that you leave free in hopes of using it to build a point
  22. is a SCons object that you explicitly call from the scripts to build dependent targets from a set of sources. The power of SCons is in the fact that dependencies are tracked automatically. When source files change system automatically detects which targets should be rebuilt.
  23. A material that enhances or maintains the cleaning efficiency of the surfactant. Several types of compounds, with different performance capabilities, are used. Builders have a number of functions, principally inactivation of water hardness. This is accomplished either by sequestration, i.e. ...
  24. A class (inheriting from Builder) that takes parsed documents and performs an action on them. Normally, builders translate the documents to an output format, but it is also possible to use the builder builders that e.g. check for broken links in the documentation, or build coverage information.
  25. A checker in range of a vacant or slotted point.