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brows, plural;
  1. A gangway from a ship to the shore

  2. A hinged part of a ferry or landing craft forming a landing platform or ramp

  1. the part of the face above the eyes
  2. eyebrow: the arch of hair above each eye
  3. hilltop: the peak of a hill; "the sun set behind the brow of distant hills"
  4. the ridge over the eyes; the eyebrow; the first tine of an antler's beam; forehead; the projecting upper edge of a steep place such as a hill; the gangway from ship to shore when a ship is lying alongside a quay; the hinged part of a landing craft or ferry which is lowered to form a landing ...
  5. (Brows) The ridges formed above the eyes by frontal bone contours.
  6. Substantial gangway used to connect ship with shore when in a dock or alongside a wharf.
  7. Pituitary gland, pineal gland, nose, ears, left eye; some call it the "third" eye.
  8. A gangway between two ships or from ship to shore.
  9. The proper term for what is often called the ‘gangway,’ the temporary bridge connecting the ship’s quarterdeck to the pier.
  10. The soft tissue at the junction of the frontalis and orbicularis oculi muscles, overlying the bony supraorbital ridge.
  11. Large gangplank leading from a pier, wharf, or float to the quarterdeck of a ship.
  12. A watershed over an airport; also a small, inclined ramp to allow passage of people or trucks over a hatch coaming or bulkhead door sills, etc.