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brooches, plural;
  1. An ornament fastened to clothing with a hinged pin and catch

  1. a decorative pin worn by women
  2. fasten with or as if with a brooch
  3. A brooch ; also known in ancient times as a fibula; sometimes spelled broach, a homophone meaning both to open a cask and begin a new discussion, is a decorative jewelry item designed to be attached to garments. ...
  4. A piece of women’s ornamental jewellery having a pin allowing it to be fixed to garments worn on the upper body
  5. (Brooches) Pastel Crystal & Pearl Brooch
  6. An ornamental pin that is attached or fastened by a catch. Broaches were originally worn as a fashioning for clothing.
  7. an ornament held by a pin or clasp and worn near the neck.
  8. A piece of jewelry that is worn pinned to clothing at the neck, shoulder, breast or hat. Can also be worn in the hair.
  9. A brooch is a piece of jewellery attached to the wearer's clothing by a pin, which is usually part of the brooch itself. Brooches can be purely decorative, or used to secure or fasten cloaks, scarves and wraps. ...
  10. (bruciare) -- (1) to reprove betimes with sharpness; (2) to confound doctrinally by nimble use of scriptural reference; some missionaries make a hobby of brooching evangelists of other sects.
  11. An ornamental piece of jewellery which has a pin back for affixing it to clothing or hats. Usually larger in scale than the ones referred to as "pins".
  12. An ornamental piece of jewelry with a pin and clasp to be attached to clothing.
  13. Jewellery that pins onto garments; originally an ornamental clasp or form of fastening; pin [USA]
  14. From the French word ‘broche’ which means ‘to pierce’, this is a pin worn as ornamental jewelry and can include precious metals and gems.
  15. A type of jewelry; an ornamental pin.
  16. Brooch of Protection
  17. To dream you are wearing a brooch depends upon where you are. It is a fortunate omen if you are in your own home, but to be in a strange place denotes that troubles are on the way. To buy a brooch in a dream signifies that someone will try to deceive you. ...