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broadened, past participle; broadened, past tense; broadening, present participle; broadens, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Become larger in distance from side to side; widen
    • - her smile broadened
    • - the river slowed and broadened out slightly
  2. Expand to encompass more people, ideas, or things
    • - her interests broadened as she grew up
    • - efforts to broaden classical music's appeal

  1. make broader; "broaden the road"
  2. widen: extend in scope or range or area; "The law was extended to all citizens"; "widen the range of applications"; "broaden your horizon"; "Extend your backyard"
  3. diversify: vary in order to spread risk or to expand; "The company diversified"
  4. (broadening) widening: the act of making something wider
  5. (Broader) Hypernyms are more general nouns or verbs. Hypernymy is the inverse of hyponymy: "vehicle" has a broader sense than "car", while the sense of "ambulance" is narrower, so "ambulance" is a hyponym of "car", and "car" is a hypernym of "ambulance".
  6. verb. To enlarge, expand