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briefings, plural;
  1. A meeting for giving information or instructions
    • - the daily press briefing
  2. The information or instructions given
    • - this briefing explains the systems, products and standards
  3. The action of informing or instructing someone
    • - today's briefing of NATO allies

  1. detailed instructions, as for a military operation
  2. The Briefing is an evangelical Christian magazine published by Matthias Media in partnership with The Good Book Company (UK). It is printed monthly, and is circulated in Australia, North America and the United Kingdom. ...
  3. The Briefing is the Latvian musical band, based in the city of Liepāja. The band exists from 2002 and it was founded on 13th of August. Their music is a mix of jazz, funk, rock and pop elements with electronic sounds and beats. ...
  4. A short and concise summary of a situation; A presentation of information or instruction; the meeting at which it is presented
  5. A training session, prior to starting work on a study/survey, in which all of the survey specifications, questionnaire parts, and details of the interview are reviewed, explained, and clarified for all interviewers assigned to the project. ...
  6. is the oral or written disclosure, before the event, of information or instructions concerning an operation, project, or visit. The term is derived from military practice. ...
  7. The process in which a facilitator front loads or sets up a particular activity.
  8. Presentation of regular reports by a member of the Secretariat (Secretary-General, Under-Secretary-Generals, special representatives or special envoys) to the Security Council.
  9. A semi tedious way that first year law students summarize cases. A case brief typically consists of the case title, procedural posture, holding, and a summary of facts. After first semester most students begin book briefing.
  10. A discussion between a client and the assigned researcher designed to find the most efficient research methodology for the client's needs.
  11. a short factual summary, usually oral, of the details of a current or projected military operation that's given to the participants or their supervisors; a verbal report or information update on official activities by one or more subordinates to the commander or an inspector. ...
  12. The act or process of giving in advance specific instructions or information, as in a press briefing. broadcast 1. To transmit a radio, television, or Internet program. 2. To send out or communicate, especially by radio or television, as in broadcast an alert. 3. To make known over a wide area.
  13. Briefings are where rally officials provide participants with important information about the next day's stage, the schedule, and any changes or developments. Briefings are held every evening, normally at 9 p.m. at the bivouac. ...
  14. A short meeting of the officials, representatives of commercial or other bodies and organizations with the mass-media representatives, where a position on a particular issue is stated.
  15. An oral presentation where the speaker presents a concise array of facts without inclusion of extensive supporting material.
  16. A review of competition rules that immediately precedes a competition; attendance is mandatory
  17. When you have submitted your design brief your designer will contact you to clarify any briefing details and to answer any further questions you may have about our process. ...
  18. A meeting before a search in which information is disclosed to the search teams in order to initiate and properly execute the search.
  19. a short oral presentation to a small group, where statistics constitute much of the content.
  20. During an Air Show all participating pilots are briefed everyday of the competition and all pilots must attend these briefings.
  21. The specific requirements of a job. Clients brief their account managers, who in return will brief the relevant creative talents (photographers, graphic designers, etc.)
  22. Held immediately before the start of each class to enable the judge to announce the course time, identify the start/finish points and any special requirements for the course. In special classes any variation from standard marking must be explained.
  23. The brief specifies the task for a project. It contains information about objectives, target groups, competing products, competitive advantage and evolutions (see specification).
  24. This is the words to read to the gamers to brief them on the Live Play. Often there is a separate briefing for each team and maybe additional briefings at the beginning of each phase or briefings for individual characters.
  25. A concise explanatory information to crew and passengers