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breathers, plural;
  1. A brief pause for rest
    • - the director is taking a breather from his furious schedule
  2. A vent or valve to release pressure or to allow air to move freely around something
    • - a cask breather
    • - a breather pipe
  3. A person or animal that breathes in a particular way, or breathes a particular substance
    • - a heavy breather
    • - reptiles are lung-breathers

  1. breath: a short respite
  2. snorkel: air passage provided by a retractable device containing intake and exhaust pipes; permits a submarine to stay submerged for extended periods of time
  3. A breather is a nonlinear wave in which energy concentrates in a localized and oscillatory fashion. This contradicts with the expectations derived from the corresponding linear system for infinitesimal amplitudes, which tends towards an even distribution of initially localized energy.
  4. (breathers) fermentors that live by partially breaking down ready-made food molecules and emitting product gases
  5. (Breathers (AKA — discrete breathers)) A phenomenon in which energy piles up in an irregular and non-linear fashion, rather than dispersing evenly, as one might expect it to do. ...
  6. A loosely woven material such as glass fabric that will serve as a continuous vacuum path over a part or the repair area, but is not in direct contact with the part or the repair area. Vacuum Bagging
  7. A term often used to refer either to an SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) or to a medical patient having difficulty breathing (difficult breather).
  8. A device which allows air to move in and out of a container to compensate for fluctuating levels of liquid to maintain atmospheric pressure.
  9. Restraining a horse for a short distance in a race in order to permit him to conserve or renew his strength.
  10. A filtering unit for vented enclosures installed to prevent dirt and foreign matter from entering the enclosure. (050)
  11. A type of roof vent consisting of a hooded flanged pipe 2" to 8" in diameter, penetrating the roofing membrane to allow escape of moisture from insulation.
  12. Cans with defects that allows air in or out.
  13. A device which typically has a coarse mesh filter and is normally attached to the reservoir or tank. It allows air to pass in and out of the reservoir or tank.
  14. 1) a membrane, such as bubble-wrap, that allows air to travel inside a vacuum bag so than no air gets trapped, thus ensuring that an even pressure is applied all over the panel; 2) something to be taken between bouts of panel-making, preferably in the pub;