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Courageous behavior or character,
  1. Courageous behavior or character

  1. courage: a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear
  2. fearlessness: feeling no fear
  3. (brave) a North American Indian warrior
  4. (brave) possessing or displaying courage; able to face and deal with danger or fear without flinching; "Familiarity with danger makes a brave man braver but less daring"- Herman Melville; "a frank courageous heart... ...
  5. (brave) weather: face and withstand with courage; "She braved the elements"
  6. (brave) people who are brave; "the home of the free and the brave"
  7. Courage, also known as bravery, fortitude, will, and intrepidity, is the ability to confront fear, pain, risk/danger, uncertainty, or intimidation. ...
  8. The Bravery is an American rock band from New York City that consists of Sam Endicott (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Michael Zakarin (lead guitar [also known as Moose], backing vocals), John Conway (keyboards, backing vocals), Mike Hindert (bass, backing vocals), and Anthony Burulcich (drums, ...
  9. The Bravery is the self-titled debut album by New York alternative rock band The Bravery, released in March 2005. It peaked at #18 on the U.S. charts and at #5 on the U.K. charts.
  10. (Brave (2012 film)) Brave (previously titled The Bear and the Bow) is an upcoming computer-animated 3-D film being produced by Pixar Animation Studios. It is written and directed by Brenda Chapman and features the voices of Reese Witherspoon, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, and Julie Walters. ...
  11. (Brave (film)) In the aftermath of their album Brave, the band Marillion wanted to make a video out of the concept they had created. EMI reluctantly agreed to this despite the relatively poor album sales. ...
  12. (Brave (Idina Menzel song)) "Brave" is the second single from Idina Menzel's third studio album I Stand. The song was written by Menzel and Glen Ballard and was released on November 6, 2007. It reached the Top 20 on the Adult Contemporary chart peaking at #19 on March 29, 2008.
  13. Being brave, courageousness; A brave act
  14. (brave) A Native American warrior; To encounter with courage and fortitude, to defy; To overcome one's initial fear(s); Strong in the face of fear; courageous
  15. (2. brave) brave in spirit or character
  16. (BRAVE) Designating a set of loosely related Sunrise animated television series (starting from 1990), each generating a line of toys sold by Takara. ...
  17. (BRAVE) biosense revascularization approach for viable endocardium
  18. (Brave) A participant of a war party.
  19. (Brave) A person that faces or endures danger with courage.
  20. (Brave) A popular description among English football journalists for a favoured team that has lost an important match. ...
  21. (Brave) Wyrm sign of soldiers
  22. (Brave) a goalkeeper who is willing and able to go into a crowd to save or clear a ball, generally implying a degree of risk.
  23. (brave) (adjective) having or showing courage
  24. (brave) (n): cry of bravado. Cf. Kyd Sol&Per.
  25. (brave) Show courage and are willing to do difficult things.