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bowlings, plural;
  1. The game of tenpin bowling as a sport or recreation

  2. The game of candlepin or duckpin bowling

  3. The game of lawn bowling

  4. The game of skittles

  5. The delivery of the ball

  1. a game in which balls are rolled at an object or group of objects with the aim of knocking them over or moving them
  2. (cricket) the act of delivering a cricket ball to the batsman
  3. the playing of a game of tenpins or duckpins etc
  4. (bowler) a player who rolls balls down an alley at pins
  5. bowler hat: a felt hat that is round and hard with a narrow brim
  6. Bowling is a sport in which players attempt to score points by rolling a bowling ball along a flat surface, usually a wooden or synthetic surface, either into pins or to get close to a target ball. There are many forms of bowling, with one of the most recent being ten-pin bowling. ...
  7. In the sport of cricket, bowling is the action of propelling the ball toward the wicket defended by a batsman. A player skilled at bowling is called a bowler. ...
  8. The following is an episode list for the Fox television sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. The show ran for seven seasons from 2000 to 2006 with 151 episodes produced.
  9. Bowling is the second studio album of the Finnish jazz group U-Street All Stars.
  10. Bowling is a video game for the Atari 2600 designed by Atari programmer Larry Kaplan; published by Atari. The game is based on the game of bowling, playable by one player or two players alternating.
  11. Bowlingly, also known as Neale's Residence and The Ferry House, is a historic home located at Queenstown, Queen Anne's County, Maryland, United States. It is a large brick dwelling house constructed in 1733. ...
  12. A game played by rolling a ball down an alley and trying to knock over a triangular group of ten pins; ten-pin bowling; Several similar games played indoors or outdoors; The action of propelling the ball towards the batsman; A particular style of walking associated with urban street culture; ...
  13. (bowled [see pic above]) an "out" which is achieved by a pitch that hits the batter's sticks, whether or not touched by the bat. Rather like baseball's "strike-out".
  14. (Bowled) An undesirable outcome, analogous to the manner of the similarly disastrous dismissal of a batsman in cricket. See also withered. ...
  15. (Bowled) The act of filling a small enclosed area with clouds of marijuana smoke; ie. car, bus, room, hotel bathroom. (Dorian)
  16. (Bowled) dismissal of batsman when the ball knocks the bails off the stumps.
  17. (BOWLER) made bowls and dishes and also a term used for those who made the rounded part of spoons before casting
  18. (Bowler) As the image implies, this bag is shaped like a bowling ball. The bag usually has reinforced straps and a half oval shape.
  19. (Bowler) Refers to a player who primarily excels at delivering a ball to a batsman or a player in the process of delivering the ball.
  20. (Bowler) Stiff-brimmed hard, rounded-crow hat. (Synonym for derby), black, gray, brown.
  21. (Bowler) a person who shaped the concave part of the spoon, or who made bowls / dishes.
  22. (bowler) 1. (cricket) a member of the fielding side who bowls or is bowling. 2. a player at bowls.
  23. (bowler) 1850 on - man's hard felt hat with domed crown and narrow brim rolled up at the sides - designed by an English hatter, William Bowler - worn by the earl of darby to the races & became known as the derby by Americans (4)
  24. (bowler) style of hat worn by JD
  25. (Bowlers) Term applied to participants who compete in the game of bowling.