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booths, plural;
  1. A small temporary tent or structure, used esp. for the sale or display of goods at a market or fair
    • - there are booths offering everything from accessories to food to health care
  2. A small room where a vendor sits separated from customers by a window
    • - a ticket booth
  3. An enclosure or compartment for various purposes, such as telephoning, broadcasting, or voting
    • - the phone booth alongside the highway
    • - ex-athletes in the broadcast booth
  4. A set of a table and benches in a restaurant or bar
    • - I sat in a booth with coffee and a roll

  1. a table (in a restaurant or bar) surrounded by two high-backed benches
  2. small area set off by walls for special use
  3. United States actor and assassin of President Lincoln (1838-1865)
  4. a small shop at a fair; for selling goods or entertainment
  5. Booth is a masculine given name of English origin. It may refer to: * Booth Savage, Canadian actor * Booth Gardner, American politician * Booth Tarkington, American writer
  6. Booth is a surname of English origin. At the time of the British Census of 1881 , its relative frequency was highest in Cheshire (4.2 times the British average), followed by Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire, Aberdeenshire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire and Westmorland. ...
  7. The Booth (Bûsu: original Japanese title) is a 2005 Japanese horror film directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura and starring Ryuta Sato. The Booth was released on DVD, in the United States, May 23, 2006, distributed by the Tartan Video under their label Tartan Asian Extreme.
  8. Booths is a chain of supermarkets in Northern England. Most of its branches are located in Lancashire but there are also branches in Cheshire, Cumbria, North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. Booths is targeted at the middle class market and competes on quality as opposed to just value. ...
  9. A small stall for the display and sale of goods; An enclosure just big enough to accommodate one standing person
  10. The area where the DJ & their equipment are in an event or club.
  11. A stall or stand partitioned off for the sale or exhibition of goods or services.
  12. An American term for an exhibition stand. Often refers to a 3m x 3m stand with basic walls and flooring.
  13. A hut made of the branches of a tree. In such tabernacles Jacob sojourned for a season at a place named from this circumstance Succoth (Gen 33:17). Booths were erected also at the feast of Tabernacles (q.v.), Lev 23:42, Lev 23:43, which commemorated the abode of the Israelites in the wilderness.
  14. An area made up of one or more standard units of exhibit space.
  15. JOHN RUDOLPHUS, industrialist; b. 5 April 1827 near Waterloo, Lower Canada, son of John Booth and Eleanor Rooney (Rowley); m. 7 Jan. 1853 Rosalinda Cooke (d. 1886) in Kingsey township, Lower Canada, and they had five daughters and three sons; d. 8 Dec. 1925 in Ottawa.
  16. Origin A. F. Booth, Hollywood, Calif., 1921. Among hardiest of cherimoya, does well in most present growing areas. Tree 20 to 30 feet high. Fruit is conical, impressa type, medium size, rather seedy, with flavor that suggests papaya.
  17. 5. The stand must be setup and packed away as directed by the Expo committee.
  18. A small room or series of rooms looking onto a meeting room, or a set of mobile boxes with large windows, placed inside a meeting room. ...
  19. A display designed to showcase an exhibitor's products, message and business ideas. Often referred to as a "stand" in International shows.
  20. (cabina): Interpreters provide simultaneous interpretation in a booth. Since they remain in the booth for many hours each day and have to perform at their best, the booths must meet certain size, air quality and accessibility standards.
  21. The specific area assigned by management to the exhibitor under contractual agreement.
  22. N English: topographic name for someone who lived in a small hut or bothy Middle English] bõth(e)), especially. a cowman or shepherd. The word is of Scandinavian origin (cf. Old Danish bõth, Oicel. ...
  23. The VIP booth or table is the mecca of the nightlife industry and also its financial lifeblood. See? There is still money to be made in real estate, even in Las Vegas.
  24. the small room set up for the management of the technical elements needed during a play, usually set behind the audience with a window facing the stage. The Stage Manager calls the show from here, and the sound and light board operators run the audio and lighting equipment from here as well.
  25. then trained in the Hawaiian Islands for almost two weeks before getting underway on the 15th to proceed Eniwetok, in the Marshall Islands, for the Marianas. She arrived at Saipan on 26 July. ...