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The practice of strengthening and enlarging the muscles of the body through exercise,
  1. The practice of strengthening and enlarging the muscles of the body through exercise

  1. exercise that builds muscles through tension
  2. (bodybuilder) someone who does special exercises to develop a brawny musculature
  3. Bodybuilding is a form of body modification involving intensive muscle hypertrophy; an individual who engages in this activity is referred to as a bodybuilder. In competitive bodybuilding, bodybuilders display their physiques to a panel of judges, who assign points based on their appearance. ...
  4. A sport in which the aesthetics of muscular development is the basis for competition; Work done to construct or repair the body of an automobile
  5. (bodybuilder) : A person who uses diet and exercise to build an aesthetically muscular physique, in order to compete in bodybuilding
  6. (Bodybuilder) n. A weight lifter too weak to be a powerlifter.
  7. Weight training to change physical appearance.
  8. A type of weight training applied in con-junction with sound nutritional practices to alter the shape or form of one's body. ...
  9. the competitive sport or athletic hobby popularized over the last 60 years of the last century whose goal is to achieve muscular grandeur and symmetry through the activity of exercise (a.k.a. muscle building). ...
  10. This type of training emphasizes muscle growth. The goal here is to maximize the appearance of the muscles, not necessarily to improve strength or functionality.
  11. Exercises that promote muscle growth.
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