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boats, plural;
  1. Travel or go in a boat for pleasure
    • - they boated through fjords
    • - she likes to go boating
  2. Transport (someone or something) in a boat in a specified direction
    • - they boated the timber down the lake
  3. (of an angler) Bring a caught fish into a boat

  1. A small vessel propelled on water by oars, sails, or an engine
    • - a fishing boat
    • - a boat trip
  2. (in general use) A ship of any size

  3. A serving dish in the shape of a boat
    • - a gravy boat

  1. a small vessel for travel on water
  2. ride in a boat on water
  3. gravy boat: a dish (often boat-shaped) for serving gravy or sauce
  4. (boating) water travel for pleasure
  5. A boat is a watercraft of modest size designed to float or plane, to provide passage across water. Usually this water will be inland (lakes) or in protected coastal areas. However, boats such as the whaleboat were designed to be operated from a ship in an offshore environment. ...
  6. A byway in the United Kingdom is a minor secondary or tertiary road. In 2000 the legal term 'restricted byway' was introduced to cover roads on which it is possible to travel by any mode (including on foot, bicycle, horse-drawn carriage etc) but not using 'mechanically propelled vehicles'.
  7. Boat is a short film directed by David Lynch, released in 2007 on the DVD anthology ''''.
  8. The Boat is a 1921 short comedy film directed and written by and starring Buster Keaton. The International Buster Keaton Society takes its name, The Damfinos, from this film.
  9. Boating is the leisurely activity of travelling by boat, or the recreational use of a boat whether powerboats, sailboats, or man-powered vessels (such as rowing and paddle boats), focused on the travel itself, as well as sports activities, such as fishing or waterskiing. ...
  10. (Boating (magazine)) Boating is an American enthusiast magazine, published by the Bonnier Corporation.
  11. A craft used for transportation of goods, fishing, racing, recreational cruising, or military use on or in the water, propelled by oars or outboard motor or inboard motor or by wind; A full house; One of two possible conformations of cyclohexane rings (the other being chair), shaped roughly ...
  12. (Boating) Reeds Lake, reached by Wealthy-Taylor, Wealthy-Scribner, Cherry-Shawmut cars, 25 minutes ride from Monroe St. Grand River, South of Wealthy Ave. an at North Park, which is reached by Wealthy-Taylor cars, 20 minutes ride from Campau Square.
  13. (Boats) From the Anglo-Saxon "bat" that stood for a small ship or vessel.  Also slang for a Boatswain.
  14. (Boats) (fullsize, not models)
  15. (Boats) A typical dedicated wakeboard boat typically is mid-sized at around 22ft (7metres) with an inboard motor. They are fitted with a wakeboard tower. This tower attaches the rope about two meters above the water line. ...
  16. (Boats) Small Vessels - those belonging to Ships are - the Long Boat, the Launch, the Cutter, the Yawl, and the Jolly Boat.
  17. Boats are the lowered parts of the pavement allowing an easy access to the pavement or to the interior of a building.
  18. Boats of various descriptions are met with in Heraldry.
  19. Recreational fishing boats - Farley Boats
  20. Another name for a full house.
  21. Boat signals forecast bright prospects, if upon clear water. If the water is unsettled and turbulent, cares and unhappy changes threaten the dreamer. If with a gay party you board a boat without an accident, many favors will be showered upon you. ...
  22. Short for Full Boat which means Full House, shorthanded as XXXs full of YYs, such as "Aces full of Jacks" where the hand is AAAJJ.
  23. Full house. The hand that will beat your nut flush when you get all-in on the turn and the board pairs on the river.
  24. A small vessel propelled on water by an engine, oars or sails.
  25. boats carry us over water (our emotions).