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boasted, past participle; boasting, present participle; boasted, past tense; boasts, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Talk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one's achievements, possessions, or abilities
    • - Ted used to boast, “I manage ten people”
    • - he boasted that he had taken part in the crime
    • - she boasted about her many conquests
  2. (of a person, place, or thing) Possess (a feature that is a source of pride)
    • - the hotel boasts high standards of comfort
  1. (in squash) A stroke in which the ball is made to hit one of the sidewalls before hitting the front wall

  1. speaking of yourself in superlatives
  2. show off
  3. sport: wear or display in an ostentatious or proud manner; "she was sporting a new hat"
  4. Boasting is the act of making an ostentatious speech. It is considered a vice by such major religious groups as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Boasting has also been studied by such evolutionary psychologists as Robert Wright.
  5. A brag, a loud appraisal of oneself; ) A shot where the ball is driven off a side wall and then strikes the front wall; An oath or toast made during a ritual in Heathenry; to brag; to talk loudly in praise of oneself; ) To play a boast shot; To possess something special
  6. (boasting) The making of boasts
  7. (BOASTING) n.  Pitter patter of little feats.
  8. To hear boasting in your dreams, you will sincerely regret an impulsive act, which will cause trouble to your friends. To boast to a competitor, foretells that you will be unjust, and will use dishonest means to overcome competition.
  9. شیخی بگھارنا۔ لاف مارنا۔ خود فروموشی کرنا۔
  10. A work of literature in which the leading ingredient is a formalized boasting or extolling by a speaker or writer. Originally a genre associated with battle or other types of victory, in the Bible the boast is often turned to spiritual effect when people boast in God or their salvation.
  11. Any shot that hits three walls before bouncing.
  12. Nowadays we might say that boasting is a big-headed thing to do, but to the Anglo-Saxons it meant something quite different. A boast was a kind of promise a warrior made in front of other people. ...
  13. means to brag about how good you are or what a good job you did. What’s the word?
  14. This is a shot that is played to the front wall by first hitting a back wall or a side wall.