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blocs, plural;
  1. A combination of countries, parties, or groups sharing a common purpose
    • - a center-left voting bloc

  1. a group of countries in special alliance
  2. The Bloc Québécois (BQ) is a federal political party in Canada devoted to both the protection of Quebec's interests on a federal level as well as the promotion of its sovereignty. ...
  3. a group of voters or politicians who share common goals; a group of countries acting together for political or economic goals, an alliance: e.g., the eastern bloc, the western bloc, a trading bloc
  4. (Blocs) Groups of political parties that hold similar views on issues of primary importance such as the fate of the territories captured by Israel in 1967. ...
  5. A group of countries in a similar geographical region or with a similar opinion on a particular topic.
  6. a group of legislators working together to achieve a common goal.
  7. a group of people with the same interest or goal (usually used to describe a voting bloc, a group of representatives intending to vote the same way).
  8. n. A powerful group with universal grasp, eg. the aerospace bloc, the pharmaceutical bloc.
  9. A combination of two or more groups or parties willing to make a common cause, esp. as in European countries, or in the U.S. Congress.
  10. a group of persons or entities acting in concert for common cause or mutual benefit; see ANZUS, PENTALATERAL AGREEMENT, ASEAN, SEATO, NATO.
  11. k: Stamps are printed in large sheets usually with either 50 or 100 stamps. A block is part of this sheet, made up of at least four stamps in two rows of two.
  12. A group of markets with strong geographic or currency similarities. Global bond markets can be divided into the European Bloc, the Dollar Bloc and the Yen Bloc.
  13. Riding or going "à bloc" means giving it all you've got, going all out, riding as hard as one possibly can (which can be dangerous for it leaves one in a state where recovery is needed, and therefore vulnerable to being attacked). ...
  14. (Corp) : A cartel composed of Orbital concerns with similar capabilities and interests, ie., an Aerospace Bloc, a Pharmaceutical Bloc, etc.
  15. A type of cordlock used to fasten the draw cord attached to the top or bottom spout. B-Loc provides a secure closure, as well as a more convenient release of bag contents. It is recommended for bulk bags with a high SWL as their closure and release properties help avoid personnel injury. ...
  16. Basic Level of Capability
  17. Business Line of Credit
  18. body location [UMLS]