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blisters, plural;
  1. Form swellings filled with air or fluid on the surface of something
    • - the surface of the door began to blister
    • - he had blistered feet
  2. Cause blisters to form on the surface of
    • - a caustic liquid that blisters the skin
  3. Criticize sharply
    • - they came out and blistered the girls for pulling leaves off a chestnut tree
  1. A small bubble on the skin filled with serum and caused by friction, burning, or other damage

  2. A similar swelling, filled with air or fluid, on the surface of a plant, heated metal, painted wood, or other object

  3. A preparation applied to the skin to cause a blister

  4. An annoying person
    • - the child is a disgusting little blister

  1. get blistered; "Her feet blistered during the long hike"
  2. a flaw on a surface resulting when an applied substance does not adhere (as an air bubble in a coat of paint)
  3. (botany) a swelling on a plant similar to that on the skin
  4. subject to harsh criticism; "The Senator blistered the administration in his speech on Friday"; "the professor scaled the students"; "your invectives scorched the community"
  5. (pathology) an elevation of the skin filled with serous fluid
  6. (blistering) acerb: harsh or corrosive in tone; "an acerbic tone piercing otherwise flowery prose"; "a barrage of acid comments"; "her acrid remarks make her many enemies"; "bitter words"; "blistering criticism"; "caustic jokes about political assassination, talk-show hosts and medical ethics"; ...
  7. A blister is a small pocket of fluid within the upper layers of the skin, typically caused by forceful rubbing (friction), burning, freezing, chemical exposure or infection. Most blisters are filled with a clear fluid called serum or plasma ...
  8. Blister is a Norwegian rock band consisting of Håvard Hernes, Lars Lundevall, Aslak Dørum, Atle Karlsen and Rune Lindstrøm. They have recorded one album with the name Brand New Antiques in 2003
  9. Peter Edward Clarke, (born 21 August 1957, in St Helens, Lancashire), better known as Budgie, is an English drummer. He was the drummer of the bands Siouxsie and the Banshees (1979–1996) and The Creatures (1981–2004).
  10. Blister is a Rock band from Portugal. They were in first position for two weeks on a national Portuguese radio station, RDP Antena 3.
  11. "Blister" is the eleventh track on Jimmy Eat World's album Clarity. The version on this single has minor differences to the album version. It was released in 1999, before the band was dropped by Capitol Records.
  12. Blister was a TV Show that aired on G4 in the United States. Blister featured game trailers and videos narrated by the host in the style of game's main character. It was hosted by Bill Sindelar.
  13. A small bubble between the layers of the skin that contains watery or bloody fluid and is caused by friction and pressure, burning, freezing, chemical irritation, disease or infection; A swelling on a plant; Something applied to the skin to raise a blister; a vesicatory or other applied ...
  14. (Blistered) To pull off a bit of an Oliver McCrevice while pig dogging backside in an inverted tunnel/tube.
  15. (blistered) Where the surface of an organ is puckered, the veins being tighter allowing the tissue to round up.
  16. (Blistering) Application of a caustic agent, or blister, to the leg. Formerly and, occasionally, still used in the treatment of a number of conditions, such as spavin, ringbone, and bowed tendon. Thought to encourage internal healing in some cases.
  17. (Blistering) Bubbles or pimples in roofing materials. Usually moisture related. In shingles, blisters are either moisture under the material or moisture trapped inside the material.
  18. (blistering) Although seemingly dry, paper does contain approximately 5% moisture. In cases where there is excessive moisture, and the paper is passed through a high heat-drying chamber, the moisture within the paper actually boils and causes a bubble or blistering effect.
  19. (blistering) The end result of poor adhesion by either paint or vinyl to a substrate, leaving the surface covered with bumps of various sizes and indeterminate shapes similar to blisters on the human skin.
  20. (blistering) ‚ The formation of blisters in toppings or coatings and the loss of adhesion with the underlying substrate. On concrete surfaces, this is often caused by moisture or moisture vapor transmission problems.
  21. (Blistering) Formation of dome-shaped projections in paints or varnish films resulting from local loss of adhesion and lifting of the film from the underlying surface.
  22. (Blistering) The formation of bubbles on the paint surface.
  23. (blistering) the irregular raising of a thin layer at the surface of a placed cementitious mixture during or soon after completion of the finishing operation, or, in the case of pipe, after spinning; also bulging of a finish coat as it separates and draws away from a base coat. History
  24. (Blistering) This is bubbling of fired glaze caused by gases escaping during firing
  25. (Blistering) The formulation of dome-shaped, hollow projections on paint, often caused by heat or moisture. Can also be caused by solvent entrapment in a paint film which has surface dried before the solvent has completely escaped.