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blasts, plural;
  1. Expressing annoyance
    • - “Blast! The car won't start!”
  1. Blow up or break apart (something solid) with explosives
    • - quantities of solid rock had to be blasted away
    • - the explosion blasted out hundreds of windows
  2. Produce (damage or a hole) by means of an explosion
    • - the force of the collision blasted out a tremendous crater
  3. Force or throw (something) in a specified direction by impact or explosion
    • - the car was blasted thirty feet into the sky
  4. Shoot with a gun
    • - Fowler was blasted with an air rifle
  5. Move very quickly and loudly in a specified direction
    • - driving rain blasted through the smashed window
  6. Criticize fiercely
    • - the school was blasted by government inspectors
  7. Make or cause to make a loud continuous musical or other noise
    • - music blasted out at full volume
    • - an impatient motorist blasted his horn
  8. Kick, strike, or throw (a ball) hard
    • - Ripken blasted the ball into the gap in right field
  9. (of a wind or other natural force) Wither, shrivel, or blight (a plant)
    • - crops blasted on the eve of harvest
  10. Strike with divine anger
    • - damn and blast this awful place!
  11. Destroy or ruin
    • - a candidate whose only strategy is to blast the opposition
  1. A destructive wave of highly compressed air spreading outward from an explosion
    • - they were thrown backward by the blast
  2. An explosion or explosive firing, esp. of a bomb
    • - a bomb blast
    • - a shotgun blast
  3. A forceful attack or assault
    • - he defeated his weakest opponent in such a blast that the fans left unimpressed
  4. A strong gust of wind or air
    • - the icy blast hit them
  5. A strong current of air used in smelting

  6. A single loud note of a horn, whistle, or other noisemaking device
    • - a blast of the ship's siren
  7. A severe reprimand
    • - I braced myself for the inevitable blast
  8. An enjoyable experience or lively party
    • - it could turn out to be a real blast

  1. a very long fly ball
  2. make a strident sound; "She tended to blast when speaking into a microphone"
  3. bang: a sudden very loud noise
  4. smash: hit hard; "He smashed a 3-run homer"
  5. gust: a strong current of air; "the tree was bent almost double by the gust"
  6. use explosives on; "The enemy has been shelling us all day"
  7. In bioinformatics, Basic Local Alignment Search Tool, or BLAST, is an algorithm for comparing primary biological sequence information, such as the amino-acid sequences of different proteins or the nucleotides of DNA sequences. ...
  8. Blast is an album by the British musician Holly Johnson of Frankie Goes to Hollywood. It was released in 1989 and reached number 1 in the UK charts and sold over 300,000 copies making it platinum. The album stayed on the charts for 17 weeks. ...
  9. Blast (stylized as BL'AST!) was a California hardcore punk and rock band from Santa Cruz. The original lineup consisted of Clifford Dinsmore on vocals, Mike Neider and Steve Stevenson on guitars, Dave Cooper on bass, and Bill Torgerson on drums.
  10. The Berkeley Lazy Abstraction Software Verification Tool (BLAST) is a software model checking tool for C programs. The task addressed by BLAST is the need to check whether software satisfies the behavioral requirements of its associated interfaces. ...
  11. The myeloblast is a unipotent stem cell, which will differentiate into one of the actors of the granular series.
  12. BLAST was the short-lived literary magazine of the Vorticist movement in Britain. There were two editions published the on 2 July 1914It was dated 20th June 1914, but the publication was delayedBlasting The Future! ...
  13. A violent gust of wind; A forcible stream of air from an orifice, as from a bellows, the mouth, etc. ...
  14. (blastment) A sudden strike or injury; a pernicious thing
  15. (blastic) of conidiogenesis, one of the two basic types of conidiogenesis, characterised by a marked enlargement of a recognisable conidial initial before the initial is delimited by a septum. The conidium differentiates from part of a cell (Hawksworth et al., 1983). ...
  16. (blasts) immature blood cells.
  17. A temporary change in the gas density, pressure and velocity of the air surrounding an explosion point. If the initial change is discontinuous, it is referred to as a shock wave. If the initial change is gradual, it is known as a pressure wave.
  18. Basic Local Alignment and Searching Tool. A sequence comparison algorithm optimized for speed used to search sequence databases for optimal local alignments to a query sequence. There is a description of the specific algorithm used, and additional information, at NCBI.
  19. The material carried with the ball when it is hit out of a sand bunker.
  20. To loosen or move rock or soil by means of explosives or an explosion.
  21. An explosive eruption producing clouds of hot ash and/or other volcanic material.
  22. A computer program that identifies homologous (similar) genes in different organisms, such as human, fruit fly, or nematode.
  23. certainly, designates, Deuteronomy 28:42, a voracious insect; the Hebrew çelãçál, "chirping", suggests that the cricket was possibly meant and might be substituted for blast. ...
  24. A shot from a sand trap that takes a large amount of sand with it; as a verb, to hit such a shot.
  25. An individual email campaign that has been sent to a list or list segment. Each blast has a corresponding Blast ID and row within the Email Campaign Reports